10 films NOT to watch on a first date

I think I started this list last April so it’s been a long time coming, Everyone is writing valentine movie lists and I’m more concerned with sociopaths…. I’ve had some pretty awful first dates, and a few of them have included a movie, now I know a lot of people go by the book and attempt to impress a girl by taking them to a “romantic” movie, whereas I’m more interesting in seeing something that I’d enjoy like Predator (1987) which was one of my choices a few years ago at a nostalgia night and turned out to be an awesome night.. if not all that romantic.. no prizes for guessing correctly that I’m single..

So here are some anti-valentines movies for twisted perverts who have no romantic bones in them and who really want to unnerve a date and/or attract a fellow psycho! Continue reading 10 films NOT to watch on a first date