Spotlight – Brad Dourif

Brad is one of those actors who is often overlooked when anyone is referencing horror icons. He’s definitely got enough films and contributions on this resume to really be considered in the horror role of fame. He’s speciality isn’t just in horror, he had managed to add his little psychotic spice into a range of other movies. I am especially in love with his donation of the best quote to Dune (1984) where his additions to the Peter De Vries character was so en point that I have it tattooed on my arm. Sadly his vocal work couldn’t do anything to save the abysmal Gingerclown (2013).

05.Alien Resurrection (1997)

alien ressurectionThe sequel I didn’t believe in until I realised who the director was, then the film couldn’t come out soon enough, I was jumping up and down outside the cinema door in anticipation and I was in for a treat. Junet managed to resurrect Ripley in a magical way and the host of wholesome characters that surrounded her were as rich and inviting as any that he had produced for his other French cult classics. So what does brad have to do with this, he plays a passionate doctor/surgeon/sexual deviant. His  character is incredibly slick, he’s almost in love with the xenomorphs and anything that the hybrids produce. It’s a shame that his part is so small but he’s very memorable mostly for this bizarre tongue action and baby talking with a xenomorph baby..  10/10

04.Exorcist III (1990) 

exorcist 3One of those squeals that actually held it’s own in the big world of horror sequels, it didn’t take the comedy route (thankfully) and came across as a terrifying and was an intelligent carry on of a deeply dark, religious story. When I first watched this I thought it was good, I watched it with my mum the first time around (I was about 10 years old at the time). I really enjoyed the creepy scenes with nurses and confessionals but what I didn’t appreciate until I was older was Brad’s performance. He’s a bound up possessed serial killer, what’s not to love!? He gives a ferocious character a justified scene presence which influenced a range of real true life serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer. 7/10

03.Childs play (1988)

childs play

A testament to just how amazeballs Brad Dourif is, you don’t even need to feature him in the movie for his character to be cultishly great, his voice is enough… He does feature in this movie briefly at the beginning, a wounded criminal running from the police, managed to get into a toy store and transforms his “essence” into a Chucky doll. In this guise he then manages to terrorise a young boy into helping him and going almost undetected he slays his way into trying to solve his situation. A brilliant cult horror, with tons of spin offs, (I hope there are more to come). with a heavy touch of black comedy and a showcase of Brad’s vocal abilities. 9/10

02.Death Machine (1994)death machine

This movie pretty much defined my teen years, along with a few other machine based sci fi’s like Hardware (1990). A large corporation are working on the perfect soldier/droid hybrid and the main psycho on the design team is Jack Dante (Dourif) who has built the perfect pet, the Death Machine, a raptor looking robot that targets its prey by zoning in on their fear. He’s the perfect nerd in this film, long greasy hair, shredded jeans, his “office/lab” is filled with toys, action figures and comics. Basically I saw him as being the male equivalent of me, I still have to build my own death machine though.. the movie is amazing and his character is unforgettably zany. 10/10

01.One Flew Over the Cuckkos Nest (1975)

one flew over theAn impressive debut can be witnessed in the cult classic from Miloš Forman, where is plays the fragile Billy Bibbit, a young man who’s been accepted into the mental hospital under the influence of his mothers advice. He’s quiet and skittish and curious about girls. Often tested and in need of encouragement, the character comes across as being so genuine. Brad seemed to settle into the character as if second nature. 9/10

2 thoughts on “Spotlight – Brad Dourif”

  1. Loved so many of these films! Death Machine is such a “get in from a bar at 2am and it’s on TV so I’ll watch it” kind of movie. Glad to see there’s some love for it out there!

    1. I adore death machine soooo much I’m trying to incorporate it into my sci fi leg tattoo it’s about the only thing I missed, I manages to get an awesome t-shirt from rabbit in red!! Films need to have more character like this!!

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