Lila and Eve (2015)

lila and eve


This started out as a pleasant surprise and then fell to pieces due to the plot holes. Unless I just missed something? Overall it’s a solid idea, giving a clear message but doesn’t deal with the issues that it raises. Its hard to talk about in this Quick Flick review and I will raise a lot more in the review and especially the Post Discussion. The totally basic side to the plot is that Lila (Viola Davis) loses her son during some dodgy dealing and while trying to cope with his death and hold things together for her surviving son she joins a support group where she meets Eve (Jennifer Lopez) and together they try to put things straight by playing the bad guys at their own game.

While that’s pretty simple, there is a dramatic twist but the two “strong women” basically track down those involved in the son’s killing and go after them gun cocked and locked and ready to roll!? How the fuck is that going to make the situation any better, is that really what “strong women” do? I’m all for fighting back and not being a victim but really going out and killing lots of other sons isn’t going to make the world a better place… It’s an immediate reaction though and I suppose it might make some people feel better, after all if a loved one is slain then I’m sure it’s human nature to want an eye for a eye.

It does have an amazing eye for detail while looking through the eyes of “everyday people” but I don’t know if it’s really a good reflection of real reactions to situations, what would YOU do in this situation?

Anyway if you look past that and the plot holes it’s an okay movie, probably more of a TV film really, some rocking chick flick or tea time weapy?? The acting isn’t really astounding, the story could have been better. I really wanted to like this as it does have a bit of potential but it was just a fudged up mess really. Everyone has done better in movie roles, I think it’s only going to really be acknowledged in certain women’s groups (don’t get me wrong i’m a feminist,but don’t see the noble side to this at all).


Fill review to come soon….