March 2016 News

Lai Lou

My first proper news update of the year. I totally forgot to update in January and I make no apologies I had a lot going on, with a poorly mother and lots of hospital visits things were extremely traumatic and I doubt that anyone noticed anything…

Movie Reviews
I have been fairly prolific when it comes to posting so far this year, I’ve started writing Quick Flick reviews with the aim of actually getting some content on the website. I watch a lot of films and writing reviews isn’t my forte mostly because I fear that I would miss something in the review so I end up going over them again and again adding more than I need to and turning the review into an essay. I’ve got a lot of years to catch up on and therefore I’m making a bold attempt to write a shorter more concise review. In essence I have been doing this, although there is the odd epic account that pops out now and again. I will be adding reviews as I write them, along with movie lists and other articles that pop into my head also.

5 Selected
I managed to write a couple of these but only finished one and posted that. It wasn’t that easy, as I love most of the films that the actor has done… Brad Dourif.
death machine

Another section that needs attention but in my frustrations I got out a little article about Hammer Horror A Real Revival, I know personally I’d love to see more.

My contribution for Valentine’s day was a list of movies NOT to watch on a first date along with tips and bonus points to make the evening extra special.

New Movie Anticipations
I’m so looking forwards to a few new films that are to be released soon, at the top of the list is High Rise from one of my favourite directors of all time, Ben Wheatley, which reminds me that I really need to write a list of favourite directors for this blog…  I read the High Rise book when I was in high school, when I first heard about this movie (remake) i read the book again and it’s such a dark and twisted story, I doubted that Wheatley would be the best man for the job but to be honest I can’t think of anyone who can twist a societal structure like he can. The Forest is also starting to look very good, along with The Witch, which is a film I have been looking forwards to for a very long time now.

Not So New Movie Anticipations
One film which has been hiding from me for some time is The Man in the Orange Jacket I found a trailer on YouTube last year but I’ve not been able to find it on DVD under that or it’s original name but I shall keep looking. Topos has been quite hard to find a copy of, but I did find a copy on an auction site and I hope that it will be with me soon, so I can finally watch another mole movie.

Remakes I will never bother with.
I’ve seen a few movies on the up and coming list, one which saddens me… my beloved Bittersweet Life is on the cards for an American remake, * sigh * I can’t quite get the words together to represent my disgust for this, the original film is so perfect… why can’t people leave some films alone, is there no respect. Another film which has been remade with no need, is Martyr’s. Again another blistering movie that is still quite “new” in the big scheme of things it seems that because people avoid “foreign” movies so much that directors seem to think that they are doing us a service to remake them.. anyway enough of this… I don’t want to end on a bad note. The Crow seems to be fluctuating between being remade or not, I think there is a cast again, it always helps if you have a few actors involved in making a movie.

Independant Movies
The master of the macabre Rutnut invited me to help out a new movie project from Belgium, this is going to be another indie zombie movie which is looking to be quite interesting. I also managed to get a copy of the latest Rindhouse production which I shall review soon, but it’s amazing, quite different from the previous movies but thoroughly entertaining, and I have the added pleasure of seeing my sister get her throat bitten out by Nosferatu himself.

What to expect in March
I’ve got a few Quick Flick reviews lined up for march already and some post discussions about Wrecked and Anamorph on the way as well as a few more goodies. I am queuing things and trying to leave enough spaces for new reviews so they don’t wait too long before they get posted. I wouldn’t want anyone to waiting too long to find out what I’m thinking lol

I have joined up to the Horror Animo app which is interesting, I feel like I’m the oldest person there and haven’t seen anything “new” there yet but I am cross posting and answering questions as they pop up. It’s an interesting community, full of colourful colours. If you’re having problems finding me on there message me on here and I’ll see how I can connect to you.

I have set up a twitter account for the blog, it saves me having to use my personal one and I get to have a movie ONLY feed which is now on the blog. When I remember I do keep my phone with me and will tweet my thoughts through an entire film as I watch it. I keep forgetting about this but when I do remember it’s hilarious… or so I’m told.

dead mans shoes