Spotlight– David Fincher

I’m terrible when it comes to remembering a director unless they a) make a lot of movies I adore, or b) have a unique style.. a very unique style like Jean Pierre Junet or Peter Strickland. There are a lot of directors that I just can’t see the connection between their work, it’s not a good or bad thing but it just means I’m clueless sometimes as to how they jump from one thing to another, but while writing my review for Se7en I had a quick nose around at other films directed by David Fincher and I was pleasantly shocked, somehow he’s managed to make a range of movies I adore and I didn’t realise. This is why I never refer to myself as a film buff, because I really am partially retarded. So now I’m up to date and fully coherent here are my top five David Fincher movies (to date)  4 of which I didn’t realise were anything to do with him until today.. I have to admit that Fincher has made some amazing films, but I for one can’t quite tell you exactly what his style is, but well done, this man seems to have this ability to rally capture a feel, an atmosphere and keep I fresh throughout a movie, and really does what it takes to stylise a film and make the characters come alive.

05.The Game (1997)

The game

And finally.. the Game. I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of Michael Douglas, or Sean Penn to be totally honest, although Sean had proven himself as a decent enough actor over the years I think it’s just his face that makes me feel uneasy… ANYWAY.. The Game is a fun movie, Nicholas (Douglas) gets a awesome thrilling birthday present from his brother Conrad (Penn) The movie despite it’s simple concept is actually quit engrossing all through, the twists and turns never stop, the shots are beautiful and just when you think you’ve worked out what is happening Fincher manages to tip the movie on its head and away you go again! It’s beautifully crafted and Michaels ego couldn’t fuck it up for long. Truly a wonderful movie. 7/10 Continue reading Spotlight– David Fincher