Spotlight– David Fincher

I’m terrible when it comes to remembering a director unless they a) make a lot of movies I adore, or b) have a unique style.. a very unique style like Jean Pierre Junet or Peter Strickland. There are a lot of directors that I just can’t see the connection between their work, it’s not a good or bad thing but it just means I’m clueless sometimes as to how they jump from one thing to another, but while writing my review for Se7en I had a quick nose around at other films directed by David Fincher and I was pleasantly shocked, somehow he’s managed to make a range of movies I adore and I didn’t realise. This is why I never refer to myself as a film buff, because I really am partially retarded. So now I’m up to date and fully coherent here are my top five David Fincher movies (to date)  4 of which I didn’t realise were anything to do with him until today.. I have to admit that Fincher has made some amazing films, but I for one can’t quite tell you exactly what his style is, but well done, this man seems to have this ability to rally capture a feel, an atmosphere and keep I fresh throughout a movie, and really does what it takes to stylise a film and make the characters come alive.

05.The Game (1997)

The game

And finally.. the Game. I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of Michael Douglas, or Sean Penn to be totally honest, although Sean had proven himself as a decent enough actor over the years I think it’s just his face that makes me feel uneasy… ANYWAY.. The Game is a fun movie, Nicholas (Douglas) gets a awesome thrilling birthday present from his brother Conrad (Penn) The movie despite it’s simple concept is actually quit engrossing all through, the twists and turns never stop, the shots are beautiful and just when you think you’ve worked out what is happening Fincher manages to tip the movie on its head and away you go again! It’s beautifully crafted and Michaels ego couldn’t fuck it up for long. Truly a wonderful movie. 7/10

04.Alien 3 (1992)

Alien3 Even though it’s pretty hard to split the difference between the Alien series, this one tops my list by about 1% difference, I’m in a minority over this but I don’t care. I will admit that you will HAVE to see the film in it’s fullest and I’m not talking blu ray here, just the director’s cut, where the other 80% of the storyline is re-established. The story is deeper and less action orientated than the film before it and this lul might have been part of the poor opinions. It has some iconic scenes but was generally slated as it didn’t feature the BEST technology and MASSIVE effects of the time. Instead it goes basic, we’ve seen that happens when the alien first appeared, we also saw what happened when a bunch of marines go in well prepared and now we get the caveman edition, a bunch of prisoners, with a new age religion who reluctantly try to pull together to kill a “beast” that is harvesting them for the arrival of its queen. I mean how awesome is that!! it’s one of those movies that characterises those “what would YOU do in that situation” questions. The guys were not prepared in any way, they had no weapons and no clue about the threat to them. I respect the gloomy atmosphere, something that Fincher does well, he gives us another side to Ripley, a character that has been pushed to the brink, everything and everyone is at the brink here, the prison is falling apart; the men incarcerated have no hope in their survival but with their faith they fight the beast. There are massive overtones relating to religion and with all the talks of Dragons I can’t help but feel maybe on the slightest off chance it inspired Dante01 (2008). The film looks amazing, the rare outside scenes are incredibly beautiful in that end of the universe way, it’s the look that Dune (1984) could have benefitted from, a sterling cast from both sides of the pond and a new twist to the alien, this one is a funky ceiling dancer, and Ripley finally .10/10.

03.Gone Girl (2014)

Gone girl

This film took a lot of effort from me, and all I had to do was watch it, but I literally felt drained for the first half an hour and gave up. I did go back to it after being told I gave up to soon. I just find that Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike are just two exceedingly slow and boring actors. On the second attempt I gave it everything I had and the film actually got interesting. It tells a pretty bizarre and convenient story about a totally bat shit crazy chick on a mission to get her own way, and her useless boyfriend who didn’t punch her in the mouth when he had the chance. The film is quite brilliant but the rushed and non-sensible ending was a bit of a let-down for me. So  Nick’s (Affleck) perfect wife Amy (Pike) disappears and he is the number one suspect and to give away a slight spoiler here but Amy is such a devious bitch and criminal mastermind that she comes up with a majorly elaborate plan to frame her husband to force him into knocking her up. It seems a bit elaborate in the way that Old Boy (2003)’s sentencing was over something so bizarre. The film is beautiful crafted, it looks and tells an interesting story, apart from the beginning that kinda played out like a Martha Stewart tutorial.7/10

02.Zodiac (2007)

zodiac I have a huge interest in serial killers, and criminal psychology so watching films about serial killers is pretty high up on my list of movies to watch but time and time again I am vastly disappointed by shoddy movies who try to take a subject view and give little in the way of facts about the cases. If you’re really after thrills of ghastly murders then you’re better off watching a documentary or reading a book, or on the rare occasion an amazing movie is made that gets it sooo right and Zodiac is one of the greatest. Constructed from the writings of a man who took it upon himself to find this elusive killer, the film details the almost cat and mouse chase between a newspaper comic artist Robert Graysmith (Jake Gyllenhaal)  and the suspected Zodiac himself Arthur Leigh Allen  brought to life by John Carroll Lynch (Fargo), the film is golden, it literally drips character and a sleek style that is second to none. Topped off with admirable acting except for Robert Downy who just does that same thing that he does in ALL his movies, but works with this character.. and not forgetting a faultless soundtrack, including some solid classics from that summer of love. I just can’t fault it, I have tried.. but this film is right in every way.. We honestly need more of this.. a lot more.10/10.


01.Se7en (1995)

Se7enSarting out with one of the best! In fact; one of my personal favourite movies of all time. I have loved and cherished this movie from day one, and having watched it so many times I spend most of the movie reciting every word in character of course. A dark movie in which Fincher takes us on a tour of hell, the movie that details two very different police officers who are on the case of a mysterious serial killer with such a hard on for religion, that the nut job is on a mission from god to punish those who sin, to make the deadly sins deadly again. A creepily dark movie, swimming in deep cultured waters as a seasoned cop ready for retirement has to tutor a young volatile noob, on one of the biggest and most bizarre cases in history. 10/10.


…aint he sweet..

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