99 Homes (2014)


I have to admit that I only picked this up because of Michael Shannon, not only do I have a thing for him, he plays some very interesting characters and so without knowing anything about this, other than it’s a modern drama, I had high hopes. and it turns out that it’s actually quite a charming, distressing and an emotive film.

Spideman is having a rather hard time with the bank and the film opens with him trying to get an extension on the bank foreclosing on his home, sadly things don’t go to plan and pretty soon the police and the owner of the property are banging down the door and evicting the family, which comprises of Spider Man/Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield) his mother (Laura Dern) and son. After the distress and embarrassment they are soon in a motel along with a host of other people who are in the same situation. After calling around and trying to drum up work and through a strange twist of fate Spiderman ends up working for he’s very man who kicked him out of his home Rick Carver  (Michael Shannon) and soon ends up getting twisted up in the corruption of the US housing laws. Continue reading 99 Homes (2014)