Will Robert De Niro ever make a decent film again?

Robert De NiroI noticed that De Niro has yet another comedy out this year, and I started pondering why the fuck? Has he no shame, why can’t he just make a sensible and decent film again and be like the old De Niro that I love and cherish? Then the Movie Guys beat me to it, while I was still shocked and sickened they got this question out and answered on there awesome blog (https://jordanandeddie.wordpress.com/) each giving their opinion and here’s mine.


I still don’t really know how to address this. I am still really shocked. De Niro was one of those actors who similar to Harrison Ford, his name alone could guarantee and sell a movie. You knew that if he was in a movie, you’d be certain of something amazing and great to watch. But now it’s a very different matter.

A lot of actors seem to go through this play down up to their retirement, they start making comedies and playing less of the lead, While De Niro is still playing a fairly active leave and making a lot of comedies it’s just getting too much for me. I hate comedies but I have sat through a couple of his just because I was hoping he would give them an edge and in a way he did but it just wasn’t enough, Last Vegas (2013) was actually OK, predictable at every turn and so warm and mushy it made me gag a little but it was watchable, well once…. maybe twice… but even the other actors in the film were able to go on and make some decent movies afterwards, while De Niro is still just doing lame comedies and family stuff.

He seems to have adopted this funny grumpy old man persona, from what i’ve seen, Last Vegas (2013), Grudge Match (2013) and this new movie Bad Grandpa (2016) that already looks cringeworthy. All seem to be his new wiseguy character. And it’s stale now… I’m thinking this and I haven’t seen all of the other movies in between.

Robert De NiroSo if he’s winding down, why can’t we just leave him to his new found acting life? Well I for one really do believe that he’s got something left in him. I think that if he teamed up with director and lifetime friend Martin Scorsese then he could possibly do something amazing. He is a legend of the cinema and I’m sure that he could pull a good performance out of him once again.

But is that just wishful thinking? Maybe.. He seems very set in his ways and there might be no budging him, It’s great that he’s found an area to work in that he skirted around in previous years. Wiseguy movies aren’t really hot sellers like they used to be and any other TV show that might erupt would just be classed as another Sopranos.

Maybe this is proving that he’s an excellent actor, right now he’s proving that he’s a king of comedy? Something that if it were mentioned back in the 80’s or early 90’s would have been laughed at, but here he is proving it to be true.

Christopher Lee is a classic example of being able to keep your corner tight right up until death and beyond. He’s made the odd comedy film but never sold out, he kept on acting and giving blinde performances throughout his blistering career. Maybe De Niro could lend his vocals to a metal album or two, I reckon Death Metal might be his thing, maybe in a follow up Dethklok album?

He certainly has the energy, he did quite a bit in Grudge Match and Killing Season (2013) so physically I’d pass him for bigger and braver roles, I always thought that he should be a Bond Villain, he can do sinister so well, and who isn’t afraid of De Niro?? He could be a super fantastic Moriarity, or even the US President.. I dunno.. Has he ever made a Western?

Being the optimist I will cast my penny into the wishing well and pray that De Niro does smack us with a beautiful detailed and well crafted performance in the near future. I really should look at his IMDb and see what’s in the pipeline but i’m afraid.

Link to Jordan and Eddie here https://jordanandeddie.wordpress.com/2016/02/05/opinion-piece-will-robert-de-niro-ever-make-another-great-film/#like-7331