Ronin (1998)



Director: John Frankenheimer
Writer: J D Zeil
Starring : Robert De Niro, Jean Reno, Natascha McElhone, Stelland Skarsgard, Sean Bean, Skipp Sudduth, USA 2h 2m

John Frankenheimer continues to thrill us with a detailed insight into the underground espionage business as a host of A-list stars collect together in the backstreets of France to obtain a very important box. It’s a lot more impressive than it sounds,but this has to be one of the all time best action noir movies.

Opening with a damp cold night in a quiet region of France, a parky looking Sam scouts around a soon to be closing cafe, he carefully plants a gun outside and then boom we’re on a whirlwind tour de force, he’s been recruited along with a group of international former secret agents and cold war warriors to obtain a case from some unlucky chap. Continue reading Ronin (1998)

Mad Max – Fury Road (2015)

mad max


I have to admit that I’ve been opposed to the remaking of my all time favourite movie of all time,but I eventually gave it a go, and I don’t understand the hype so get ready for an unpopular stance on Fury Road.

It’s a chase movie, that is! Now I know it’s not a remake, it’s just another Mad Max movie. but it basically just uses the name, there is very little left of the original character and style from any of the previous movies.

Max (Tom Hardy)  get’s captured in the first few seconds after eating a lizard, loses his signature car and is a generally a douchebag. The bad guy is the original bad guy (Hugh Keays Byrne) from the first Mad Max but now he’s a ponce who the original Toe Cutter would have killed for fun. Mind you the old school Max would have killed the new Max too!!  Anyway enough of me trying to kill off the cast. Continue reading Mad Max – Fury Road (2015)