Mad Max – Fury Road (2015)

mad max


I have to admit that I’ve been opposed to the remaking of my all time favourite movie of all time,but I eventually gave it a go, and I don’t understand the hype so get ready for an unpopular stance on Fury Road.

It’s a chase movie, that is! Now I know it’s not a remake, it’s just another Mad Max movie. but it basically just uses the name, there is very little left of the original character and style from any of the previous movies.

Max (Tom Hardy)  get’s captured in the first few seconds after eating a lizard, loses his signature car and is a generally a douchebag. The bad guy is the original bad guy (Hugh Keays Byrne) from the first Mad Max but now he’s a ponce who the original Toe Cutter would have killed for fun. Mind you the old school Max would have killed the new Max too!!  Anyway enough of me trying to kill off the cast.

It’s a vivid and fast paced apocalyptic chase the bad guys chase Max and Furiosa (Charlize Theron) from point A to B, then he turns around and they chase them and their newly found fan boi back again. The only thing I can assume people are excited about is that there are lots of explosions and crazy antics, a flame thrower guitar playing psycho and Max being used as a hood ornament.

“A noisy diesel fueled burning man show, amplified to be heard in hell.”

Action takes over the acting, and if you’re in doubt then just blow something and put the pedal to the metal. I’m struggling with finding the plus side, without the major effects there isn’t much of a movie at all, and for me it’s rarely about the WOW factor, I’m a simple girl who likes lo fi… but I will watch it again, and a full review will follow…for now


…hate me all you like.

I will re watch and go through a review at some point… or not. 

5 thoughts on “Mad Max – Fury Road (2015)”

  1. I gave it a 5/10 after my first watch. I can relate. I Didn’t understand what all the hype was about. But I will say, after 3 watches now I’ve changed to a 9/10. It goes deeper than the non-stop action.

    1. Yeah it does have a message bit nothing all that profound and certainly nothing already said a thousand times on film and it seems purposely lost in the wow effects so what’s the point of saying anything at all when 90 % of the audience only remember the bang bangs

      1. Most of the effects were real. The only CGI used was for the Storm scene with the big tornado. Most of the rest of the action was real stunts. I think that’s another reason it got so much love from critics.

      2. Point missed there completely but at least we realise you love it and I fucking hated every fucking second! 👍👍

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