Under the Bed (2012)




Director: Steven C Miller.
Starring: Jonny Weston, Gattlin Griffith, Peter Holden, Musetta Vander. Canada/USA.  2012.  1h 27m.

I will have to admit that I’ve haven’t watched this film all the way through I did miss the beginning but it’s pretty clear what happened and after seeing the middle and end I honestly don’t feel that I could watch anymore, not so soon after this hurt me the way it did..

From the title and the outset you can tell it’s going to play on that fear that’s plagued us since we invented beds.. A host of artist have tickled our scary bone with images and stories about what lies under the bed, and the results range from monsters to perverts. Sadly Under the bed doesn’t deliver any new material or takes this concept to any new levels.

An older brother returns to the family home years after a tragic event that took his mother’s life, he’s thrilled to be back with his younger brother but old wounds are reopened when the boys are put into a position where they have to face their childhood fears, and a problem that has been plaguing the family for years.

It makes The Hole (2009) seem like Shawshank (1994), the characters are as shoddy as the acting, It’s not all bad, randomly it does offer a few scares and some squirts of fake blood now and again. There is some tension but it comes with no pay off, and the ending is just rushed and shoddy.

The film just can’t make up it’s mind about what it was supposed to be, a horror movie, family drama or just a tea time terror. If it is intended as the later then I could give it a pass, although with the shaky script and too many plot holes, there is just too much that I can’t ignore. A few of the scenes play out like a supernatural house invasion, one well handled one involved a figure under a sheet that is scene in various rooms just standing there, the characters talk to it expecting it to be one of the kids but a it’s motionless they start to freak out, yeah that’s one of the better scenes, and lets face it Jason did it better.

It’s obvious that the budget was modest but it’s no excuse for not being imaginative or at least trying to deliver the goods, some really broke ass independant movies are actually dazzling, a little effort could have saved the film, or at least the crappy ending.. I found scenes from the 80’s kiddy horror Little Monsters more terrifying. The director does have a series of poor movies under his belt and I can only hope that like other kindred spirits mostly Uwe Boll  he’ll manage to pull something great out of the hat one day.

The premise of the film is great and I’m sure it will have fans out there, it could have a been skin crawling fear lurking around every corner kinda movie, but it’s laughable at best. I do really hate to down trod a movie but I just have nothing here..

Rating 3/10


RLittle Monsters (1989), BoogeyMan (2005) The Hole (2009), Poltergeist (1982), Haunting in Connecticut (2009)
L – What Lurks Under the bed, Childhood fears,
A – Why are some horrors just NOT scary?
5BSteven C Miller

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