Splice (2009)




It was really weird watching this after so long, but Splice came on TV around the time I was getting dinner ready and so I had to stay and watch it all the way through. Because… you know there is so much I don’t like about the movie but it’s sadly quite watchable.

Two amazing biology hipsters Clive (Adrien Brody) and Elsa (Sarah Polley) manage to splice lifeforms together to not only make new creatures who synthesize shit that some coporation want, but in secret they want to take things a step further but end up taking things a step too far and create Dren (Delphine Chaneac) a hybrid between a host of creatures with the addition of human DNA. Elsa welcomes Dren into the world and mothers her through her rapid growth and imminent decline, but the faster she evolves, the more her creators start to realise that they may have made a catastrophic mistake. Continue reading Splice (2009)

Last Nights Movies 08.03.2016

Epic Night that went on forever, I’m totally shattered today but it was worth it

I started the night early and just went for it. I guess it’s safe to say that my insomnia is back! Never mind I got through a day’s worth of movies but nothing new, I really need to catch up on something new, any suggestions are warmly welcomed.

ginger snaps 2Ginger Snaps 2 – Unleashed (2004) – my least favourite Ginger Snaps movie, but one I drop into from time to time, I guess i’m a sucker for a bit of nearly pain now and again. In this segment of the trilogy we focus in on “the other sister”, Bridgette Ginger does make a few appearances but her guidance is mostly verbal. Instead Bridgette is in some kind of asylum/hospital for young girls and it focuses in on her changing and befriending a sociopath called Ghost, they escape but the same wolf who bit Ginger is stalking Bridgette It’s okay I suppose, I think Ginger’s character was so strong in the first movie they really did need to balance things out with this sequel but sadly her character was watered down I suppose without her parents and sister she would have changed but I dunno this film lost all of the charms of the first movie. But it was good to see Brendan Fletcher. 5/10

hostel 3Hostel 3 – OMG how to fuck up a sequel, the first time I saw this I thought that someone has put the wrong disc in the cover, it’s a terrible shoddy TV movie that’s neither smart or refined in anyway, totally disconnected with the format and fun from the other movies it’s a terrible final half to what could have been a great trilogy, if you’re looking for a decent third then I suggest checking out Train (2009).2/10

aliens2Aliens – this has been one of my favourite films for so long and no matter how many times I watch it I notice something new, and it takes me back to the days when Sci Fi was probably closer to my heart than horror.. I really did have a “space” thing going on. But Ripley returns with some rough necks in this epic space battle with the mother of all alien (see what I did there). 10/10

underworld awakeningUnderworld Awakening It’s hard to really judge this film, I guess it had a loose story but it’s so much alike all of the other films, this kinda pseudo dark and shiny epic fight scene manage ire of fluff. It does continue the saga but things are so much out in the open it’s hardly an “underworld” It passes some time and there are lots of pecks in this one. Selene battles against Stephen Rea and his beloved son who are enhancing themselves with a drug to make their wolfishness immune to most of the usual killjoys and intend on making themselves perfect by using her and Michael’s daughter as a catalyst… best thing about his is the addition of Charles Dances as a Vamp lord.. *faints*5/10