Possession (2012)





quickflick-1.jpgDirector :Ole Bornedal

Starring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Natasha Calis, Kyra Sedgwick, Matisyahu. USA. 1h 32m

I first heard about the haunted wine chest on an episode of Mysterious Universe and I was freaked out on so many levels, then after a few bizarre experiences there was an update to the podcast and they announced that a film was going to be made about the unusual occurrences that surround the box.. I was not sure how to take the news. I expected that all sorts of gates of hell would be opened but it turns out that the film wasn’t all that scary compared to the true story.

After stumbling across a random item in a boot sale a father cannot deny his daughter the antique box that she finds and after opening it, she becomes obsessed with the box and the strangeness starts to happen all around the family, that are already pushed to breaking point as they are going through a bitter divorce and move.

This dark and creepy exorcism story does emerge from the tangled tale eventually and the film does have a healthy dose of jump scares along with a solid religious background, some ground breaking tension and the usual creepy long haired girl scares along with any other haunting based film. Quite similar to Unborn (2009), these films centre in on Jewish demonology, and this is creepy as fuck. After the box starts to really affect the youngest of his two daughters, with her violent and erratic behavior she starts her appetite increases and a darkness soon engulfs the family. Unfortunately a lot of the scares are signposted, the dentist stepfather has a run in with darling demon possessed child and his teeth start to fall out of his bleeding mouth, the a lot of the upcoming events and after the family visit the hospital things basically turn into a Silent Hillesque exorcism thrill ride.

Young Em (Natasha Calis) is the star of the show, having to create so many different personas throughout the film she seem to have been put through her paces, often stealing the limelight from her older and more experienced counterparts. The effects are nearly all computer generated apart from some windy atmospherics.

Being creepy more than scary, and with “that” ending it’s quite a decent horror, but it takes too long to get going and doesn’t really transverse the genre enough to really grip a huge audience, it certainly doesn’t really bring in anything new, but it remains one of the better constructed possession movie, but it could have done with being more obscure and surreal but that’s just my taste.

I didn’t find the movie all that scary compared to the original story but I had been listening and reading about the true story for some time and that was honestly nerve wrecking, so if you enjoyed the film I highly recommend that you check out the podcast and the book, you’ll be in for some amazing scares.

Rating : 6/10

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