Racing Extinction (2015)

racing extinction

Director : Louie Psihoyos
Writer : Mark Monroe
Starring : Elton Musk, Louis Psihoyos, Jane Goodall, Leilani Munter. USA 1h 30m

I‘m not the biggest animal lover but I do love nature and the likkle creatures that abide on our lovely planet, and while I do what I can to conserve the planet and fauna, I’m not sure if focusing in on the animals will really make bigger changes. BUT if we do want any of them in our future we do have to act now… I kinda knew this already but I was hoping to see some leaps and bounds in this apparently AMAZING documentary.

Racing extinction is like Zeitgeist but apart from worrying about the global situation and resources it focuses in on the conservation of the wildlife and really focuses in on those illegal activities which cause a flood of various extinctions like whalling etc, and in principle seems a noble thing to do.

Unfortunately the documentary is lame and so far from helping.. It just seemed like Louie just wanted to document his joyride around the planet picking on other countries for their different in animal rites, he even reflects on this at one point by taking into consideration how much damage his own travelling was having on the planet but doesn’t give any indication that they switched fuels or did anything to reverse the fact, plant some trees maybe? In fact there are NO answers here at all!? It’s very easy to point fingers at what’s wrong and identifying and highlighting the problem is brilliant but if you want any hints at way to change things then you’ll need to check out the website.

Winning is the only option.

Despite leaving a bad taste in the mouth, the docufilm is well laid out, there’s lots to look at and the conclusion is a car travelling around displaying graphics and pictures of endangered animals on various buildings!? It’s all economical and enviro friendly but that is the amazing finale, sorry to spoil it but really the film is only step one and very long journey of changing the opinions of millions of people, and not to piss on any parades but it’s not going to happen by displaying a lizard walking up the empire state building.

Overall it’s well written and strangely presented, but quite informative of the state we’re currently in, there are not hints at how we got here,the spotlight is on China, forget all the damage everyone else has done. This a bold and vivacious inspiration look at the future of conservation, an eye opener for anyone who’s been totally oblivious to it until now. But if you’re looking for hard facts, a history lesson, informed decisions and way forwards you’ll not find it here. Instead it’s just a bunch of pretentious but dedicated people filming their travels in the aim to protect some animals and highlight our plight, I’m not dumbing down the work that they have done, although some of it raises more issues than solves problems but it didn’t inspire me and I doubt it will inspire anyone who’s actually informed, but hopefully it will raise some awareness and get people looking to get out there and actually do something pro active.

Rating 4/10





RZeitgeist (2007), The Bridge (2006), Earthlings (2005)
L – Selected Documentaries
A – Should documentaries really be movies?


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