The Gallows (2015)


The Gallows


Despite being a fan of the found footage genre, every now and again something really lets the scene down and this film is so fucking boring and predictable, I really don’t know how it was released in the first place.


There are rumors going around some random high school about a student who died during a , performance now that the “cursed” okay is going to be acted again, so a group of teens plan to break into the school after hours to sabotage the play,  if you can’t already imagine what’s going to happen, get off my blog. Overall it’s a great premise for a horror movie and if executed well, this could have scared the pants off of any hardcore fan, but, Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff’s found footage horror The Gallows is a serious cheese-fest with a terribly thin plot and  annoying characters.

Queue every predictable found footage cliche, snotty noses crying into the camera, shaky cams that miss all the paranormal activity, bad sound, low battery warnings, on top of this every jump scare is hugely signposted a mile off with the addition of flashing lights and also in braille for those who might have missed it. The acting is terrible, the camera work is lame and there is no point to this film.

Everything about the Gallows is lame, I have nothing good to say about it. It’s just a visual shambles that has no idea what it’s trying to be, the trailer is rather good though..

There are so many factors that just don’t gel right, the teens are annoying and spend far too much time just screaming and running, they are probably angry that there characters are as  deep as cat scratch. The camera hangs around for ages before the ghoul appears, almost like the director is waiting for someone to turn up on the set.. I am struggling to to find any good points and I hate running a movie into the ground but I have justification here, the ending was a total relief.

There was no substance to the “bad guy” nothing recognisable about him in any way, just a hangman and not much else, this stuff shirt could have been the next Freddy if any time was spent on developing him There are a couple of scenes where some interesting special effects were  to show an invisible hangman at work utilized but to be honest there was a lot more creepy action in the Taiwanese flick The Heirloom  (2005).  I really don’t like advising people if they should watch or avoid a movie but I really do wish that someone had warned me about this as it’s time I’ll never get back.

Rating 1/10

RBlair Witch Project (1999),  Exists (2014), Heirloom (2005),
L – Selected Found Footage Movies, School FIlms, Haunted Horrors, Worse films ever
A – What really ruins a found footage movie?
Vs  – Gallows Vs The Heirloom


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