Horror Shorts – Vermin, The Passenger and Hi

I’ve decided that it’s better if I double or triple up the horror shorts as doing individual posts will just take forever so expect a few triple bills from now on.


Director : Danny Donahue (@dannyfdonahue) Starring: Casey Fichtner. USA.2015
Duration : 2:06
Extremely short but strangely on point, this thrilling silent horror short uses amazing camera angles and sound to fool the viewer and enhance the scares. There is a fair amount of tension and build up to a rewarding ending. A young woman is trying to hang a picture on the wall when strange noises start coming from a cupboard then the tools go missing. It doesn’t sound to scary but even the name of this creepy tale lead you off guard for a sinister scare, for the tiny timing it’s worth a watch. It’s simple, short and very effective.
Rating 6/10

PS: I just found this behind the scenes video that looks quite interesting.


The Passenger

Director : Vick Krishna Starring: Machie Lou Vigal, Kevin Tan, Rachel Burnell. 2015
Duration : 4:24
A slightly longer film for this middle segment, but while it muddles through a predictable story with some questionable and boring acting, it is filmed really well, imaginative camera work that isn’t too shoddy. A woman breaks down on the highway, she calls someone for help but attempts to fix the car herself when she notices a presence is stalking her. If only the lead actress could act it would have been great but she’s useless. But for an independent film about a terror on the highway it’s okay, but could have done with a bit more panache to be really great.
Rating 3/10



Director : Bahaish Kapoor. India. 2014
Duration : 7.21
For a short movie this one does a lot to really enhance the backstory, it lengthens the movie somewhat but I don’t feel that it really enhances the scares. A Doctor is having a hard time relaxing and she calls a colleague for some advice, while experience hallucinations and nosebleeds she’s almost convinced that she’s going crazy. There is a good dream sequence and a few jump scares as we witness this woman’s descent into madness. The atmospherics are quaint and there is a lot of attention in the camera work here, showing the point of view of a hidden culprit as well as straightforward and apathetic work here. It’s not all that scary though, obviously if you were in the situation i’m sure you’d be equally shocked but in the big scheme of things who hasn’t seen a creepy kid that looks like defunct black metaller stalk someone.
Rating 3/10


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