Cherry Tree Lane (2010)

Cherry Tree Lane


I had watched Il’s- Them (2006) and then I watched Eden Lake (2008) so my friend Jamie suggested I also checked out Cherry Tree Lane. He promised it would be good fun and exciting, what he didn’t prepare me for was the brutal hell ride into depravity that was awaiting me.

The film starts out quite dull and boring  a family settles down for dinner, things are strained, the film has no flare at all, then about 10 minutes into the film, there is a knock at the door, three teens rush
in kicked the couple and threatening them with a knife, then make themselves at home. It seem the son of the couple owes them some money and they have come to collect, sadly junior ain’t a home so mummy and daddy will have to be the entertainment.

Similarities ring out for a host of movies that depict teens and children being in the abusive upper hand of a seriously flawed generation, acting as your average teenagers, but dealing out inhumane horrors galore.

A hard to watch, brutal and thought provoking drama, that details one of the most horrific types of home invasion

There is one hero of the movie, one teen who shows a little mercy but who also doesn’t stop what is going on, the ring leader who deals out a bit of dick along with many threats is no stranger to urban gang themes films Jumayn Hunter and has acted in other films such  as Attack the Block(2011) and Eden Lake (2008).

As the film progresses more characters get involved, the boys eventually call their girlfriends over to the house, at first they reminded of the girls from Attack the Block  and I was expecting the feminine touch would alleviate some of the harshness but these bitches just join in and cultivate to the harrowing situation.

It’s harsh, brutish, painful and gut wrenching. I was honestly left with that punch to the gut feeling after watching the film, and as much as I love movies when they cause a reaction in me, sometimes they need an extra on the DVD to help you recover.

Cherry Tree Lane

I love the film because of the rawness,, it really doesn’t make any excuses and just lays out this continuous beatdown from about 10 minutes on, right through to a shocking and distressing ending. The violent interactions are well shot and acted, the film seems extremely “real” It’s a situation that hopefully none of us have been into but the reactions and expectations are seem very real. It between the violence, the gang that invade the home remain very… “normal” which adds to shock value. We are reminded that these are just kids, young people, who will grow up to be our future. I’m constantly left asking, could this happen to me, to someone on my street, I can easily recognise these characters on the streets I walk everyday…and ultimately, where did we go wrong?

I hope a lot of people watch and “enjoy” this film but I also hope that it doesn’t confuse anyone’s judgement, not every hoody will just clamber into your home, tie you up and rape you.. I think the film’s narrative is just suggesting that we really do need to spend some time with out children and help grow a decent new generation.


Rating 9/10

RIls – Them (2006), Eden Lake (2008), Harry Brown (2009), Static (2012), The Strangers 2008), The Purge (2013)

L – Children Horrors, Home Invasions,
A –  Do films about violent teens demonise them?
Vs Cherry Tree Lane Gang Vs Eden Lake

Full review and what not to come

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