Tusk (2014)


Director: Kevin Smith
Starring: Michael Parks, Haley Joel Osment, Justin Long, Johnny Depp. USA 1h 45m.

I was so hyped to see this after seeing that it had made it onto the screenings at the Abattoir film festival in 2014 and we know they have good taste, twinned with the gross concept of a man being transformed into a walrus.. I was ecstatic.. but I didn’t realise who the director was, and no I’ve never heard his podcast.

Turn up the funny and maximise the strange.

Tusk is pretty much a tamer funnier version of Human Centipede (2010) I have to admit that it’s the two factors that would normally repel me, were actually fairly quirky and entertaining. Based around Wallace Bryton (Justin Long, an actor who will just NEVER AGE!!) who is a podcaster with his loyal buddy Teddy Craft (Haley Joel Osment – who obviously has been eating the dead people that he sees). While in search for the next big thing he ventures into uncharted lands to interview a kid as a prank (much to his beloved disgust) but not wanting to go home empty handed he finds an interesting “call me” in the toilets in a bar and follows up the story of mystery and intrigue, which leads him to the house of a disabled recluse who has many tales of being lost at sea and befriending a Walrus. Wallace wakes up with an amputated leg and then things only start to get seriously strange.

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