Cop car (2015)

cop car

It took a while for this film to grow on me, and it grew a lot, from a 5 to a 7 at least and maybe more. It was a last ditch at the cinema and I just wasn’t prepared.

It starts out as obvious as the two child leads who have run away from home and are traversing the barren landscape of middle America until they find an abandoned cop car parked in a glen, first the kids are spooked by the bizarre occurrence then, as two well meaning but curious kids would, they get in and take it for a spin. Just watching them trying to put the car into gear could have been a comedy sketch itself but Travis (Freedson Jackson) and Harrison (Hays Wellford) have a long journey ahead of them once the owner, a corrupt and psychotic cop (Kevin Bacon) realises his car and it’s cargo have been stolen, while he’s been taking care of some grotty business. Meanwhile the plucky duo are experimenting with all the goodies in the back of the car including guns, rifles, stab vests and a defibrillator, even if your not a parent these scene will make you cringe. The drama intensifies when Bacon starts hunting down the perpetrators who he realises are young boys and flexes some adult muscle and the shit hits the fan when a mysterious cargo is revealed. Continue reading Cop car (2015)