Wishmaster (1997)

Director: Robert Kurtzman
Starring: Tammy Lauren, Robert Englund, Angus Scrimm, Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, Reggie Bnnister, Ted Raimi. USA. 1h 30m.

I really feel that I have missed out on something so so good here. It was late I had just got in from a boring night out and flopped in and flicked on the TV, not something I usually do as I’m not a idiotbox watcher, but lo and behold something awesome was on. Wishmaster!! My 90’s horror missing link. I had been grossed out by Society (1989) and I had marveled over Warlock 2 (1993) and there is a soft spot for Faust (2011) in my heart forever and somehow I missed out on Wishmaster for all these years, I had honestly thought that it was going to be like Witchboard (1986) and avoided it. I was terribly wrong and will never make that mistake again.

Being a huge fan of splatter fest style movies, and even though this movie has shoddy production and is as scary as a tea time soap opera, it has lashings of those fun gooey moments when horror movies were very experimental and psychotropic, films didn’t need to make a whole lotta sense, as fans all we needed were some rules and a devious ancient Persian mythical creatures mind to invoke some fun.

Be careful what you wish for..

Morals are completely tossed out the window in this gloopy extravaganza of bad taste horror. A malevolent Djinn has to grant 3 wishes to his master but these always come at a twisted price as he manipulates the outcome in his violent favor, there is more to the back story but it distracts from the painful episodes the flow throughout the film. A man is decapitates by a piano and Kane Hodder, a security guard shouts “you’ll have to go through me” and gets turned into glass as the Djinn smashes through him. The sloppy body parts and demonic dealings escalates into an orgy of pain and mess at the end.

The host of famous horror faces just goes to prove how exciting this film is for that particular type of horror fan who likes to giggle at some squirty blood and splattered guts, but if this is not your kinda thing I’d imagine you’ll be screaming for refund.An unstoppable cheesy effects real with a bit of plot actually goes a long way for me. I can understand why it’s not liked, it’s much more like Warlock 2 than Evil Dead, the characters are shallow and the focus is on the next kill, and they force a lot in this fairly short film. Luckily for me there area few more sequels to check out.


Rating 6/10

RDjinn (2013), Long Time Dead (2002), Warlock 2 (1993), Society (1989), Faust (2011)

L – Djinn films, If you wish upon a demonic power…
A – How much cheese would you like sir?
5B – Robert Englund, Andrew Divoff
Vs – Wishmaster Vs Faust


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