3 horror Shorts, The Whisperer, Attic Panic and Blink


3 more short horror films including a return from Danny Donahue who gives us something more frightening than his last installment… Vermin.

The Whisperer
Director Danny Donahue
Duration 2.53
Starring Casey Fichtner. USA. 2016

Oh my fucking god they did it again! The first film I saw from these guys was only a few weeks ago, and they are back with a sequel, and it made me wee my pants just a little bit. It’s a running sequel which features the wreck of a woman that had been left after her encounter with an unknown being from the previous crepy short Vermin, but this time shit is getting real and it’s worth a watch, turn off the lights and turn up the volume, creepy good fun! the only drawback is that the hammer incident doesn’t seem to have carried forwards otherwise this is a good a Lights Out 9/10


Attic Panic
Director: David F Stanberg
Duration: 3:00
Writer: David F Stanberg
Starring : Lotta Losten. ???. 2015

There is a lot to like about this creepy little film. Sadly though a lot of the creeps have been done before and for once I saw the end coming but it doesn’t distract from the tension. A lone woman has to venture up into an attic by herself, on entering she notices what looks like a person wearing a sheet (old school cheapest ghost outfit style), the light bulbs start to unscrew and go out and it looks at her.. locking herself away from the “thing” doesn’t’ stop it’s advancements, she fights back but..

It’s silent and sadly not all that violent, but for three minutes it’s okay, it gave me a couple of little scares but I did see where the story was going so the finale wasn’t scary but well filmed, it’s simplicity is great, hopefully there are some more films out there from this director, he shows some promise, but while he delivers an intellectual story it’s just not as scary as it could be.

Rating 5/10


Duration :12.36
Director : Tolu Ajayi
Starring Deyemi Okanlawon, Funlola Aofuyebi Raimi, Florence Uwaleke, Seun Faleke. Africa?. 2013

After a very bizarre beginning a unusual thrilling story unravels that deals with the dark side of relationships. A man wakes up strapped  to a chair fully submerged in water but this is the least of his worries. Yes that is the LEAST of his worries, series of nightmarish events unravel and while the movie has a good moralistic stance it’s not really a horror or thriller as advertised but more of a curious look at right and wrong, payback is a bitch and there is no escape.

There is some good acting, nothing that’s going to win an oscar but its pretty convincing, great effects but it’s not a horror, still it’s worth a watch. If you’re into those groundhog day thrillers.

Rating : 5/10


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