True Story (2015)

True story


I went into this one a little blind, I knew it featured the acting talents of James Franco (as Christian Longo) and some other guy. It starts out well the other guy, Jonah Hill ( Michael Finkel) gets caught out by his bosses for twisting the truth for an article for the Times (was it the times?) and after being released from this job, while in exile in Montana he gets implicated by a man sought by the FBI for potentially murdering his wife and children, they spark up a friendship and then, movie.

It’s straightforward in the sense that it has a beginning middle and end, but it’s not rewarding in any sense. The introduction to the film is absolutely amazing and sickening at the same time. It pictures a child being dropped into suitcase with a toy bear, being zipped up and transported to the pier, you can only guess what’s occurred and while there is no violence, it’s enough to chill anyone.

The film tries to be mysterious but just ends up being confusing but is visually stunning.

In between the jaded Finkle and mysterious Longo meeting in various prison set ups, the film centres in on the writer Finkle who is regularly places in the snowy almost desolate setting of Montana while writing and racking his brains trying to work out what Longo is up to. Everything about him is hidden behind a coy smile and the character doesn’t have much depth. Most of this film rests on Hill and he does carry it off well. With the introduction of Robert John Burke as Greg Ganley (Robocop 3) and there is a new spin put onto the film and it suddenly picks up but there is just no pay off.

There are some beautiful landscaping shots, some good acting but it doesn’t go anywhere!? if there was a huge twist at the end it would be a real life Usual suspects (1995) and gain at least a 7/10 from me,  but alas I was left wanting more. But unlike Fargo (1996), another snowy crime movie, this one is actually based on a true story.


Full Review to come.,

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