Southbound (2015)


Director : Various Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner +
Starring : Hannah Marks, Dana Gould, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Mather Zickle, Zoe Cooper +++. USA. 1h 29m

From the intro this film was instantly a winner and it gets better! Two desperate guys driving down the highway running from “something” but what’s that hovering in the distance.. oh nothing back to the guys in the car.. they find a rest stop, a shitty little diner/petrol station in the middle of no fucking where but shit I can see something out the window! At first I thought I was going mad, it looked like Jeepers Creeper was mulling around the countryside but the entity soon makes itself known and puts a bloody smile on one of the guys after they try to leave the station and keep ending up driving back into it again and again… then all hell does break loose.

The film is an incredible anthology of 5 independent stories (The Way out, The Way in, Jailbreak, The Accident and Siren (not in that order)), all with the same drive time to hell feel, from the same twisted minds that brought us V/H/S (2012) bring us another disjointed stream of consciousness that all loop into one chilling thrilling nightmare.

I won’t be going into specifics over each story here, but all are self-regulating but they do maintain a similar peculiar feel about them, some stand alone and others borrow characters from each other, kinda like a indie horror pulp fiction.


Each story has it’s merits, and a slightly different dose of terror, be it a masked home invasion like The Strangers (2008), a bizarre trailer park stepford wives melded with a Ben Wheatley occult twist and the scare list goes on, but each has a bizarre lick of Monty Pythonesque black humour, a few of my personal favourite scenes are as follows the freaky eye tattoo in Jailbreak where one of the characters holds his tattooed hand up to his face with an eye covering his own, and it blinks!! brilliant scene also the freaky “invisible” entities that he can see through this “tattooed eye” are very creepy , and bestial werewolf guy in Jailbreak and the Aftermath (1994) styled segment The Accident segment which has the more bloody gore in the entire film.

In all it’s refreshing to see such untamed talent here, there really is no safe word with this film, as soon as you think that you’re safe it hits you with another scare, totally from leftfield, but look out for numerous allusions in the film from mysterious bullet holes and messages in magazine covers and blood splatter, everything here from the creepy grim reaper entities that show up in each segment this film unsettles as well as entertains.


Rating 8/10

RDr Terrors House of Horrors (1965), Trick R Treat (2007),
L – Selected Horror Anthologies
A –  What makes a horror  anthology great, What makes a horror  anthology utter schite

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