Dracula Untold  (2014)

dracula untold
Director: Gary Shore
Writer: Matt Sazama (screenplay)
Starring: Luke Evans, Charles Dance, Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon. USA.  1h 32m.

There has been a massive side step from the traditional Dracula story into an historical retelling of the Vlad story. This often becomes a massive tapestry of middle European history involving Turks, massive wars and political strategies, from a dynasty long forgotten. Despite this being the making of lavish movies it rarely brings an element of horror until Dracula unbound. While these other movies that are primarily B movies, lack the ability to branch out financially on special effects but nevertheless tell an interesting story Dracula untold director Gary Shore had millions his trousers for his debut movie that fail to make anything entertaining instead we end up with a Disney Style romantic drama presented viper Castlevania game advert and I’m not quite sure which one is worse.

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