Star Leaf (2015)



Director : Richard Cranor
Writers Hugh Berry, Richard Cranor +
Starring : Richard Cranor, Julian Gavilanes, Russell Hodgkinson. USA. 1h 17m

I knew from the title and cover that this was going to be ridiculous and while it has a cute sentimental message it’s really quite bone and just didn’t work for me, but it does have a few entertaining scenes.

After the Windows 95 generated intro backed by some equally old drum and bass, the movie kicks off with a flashback set in a warzone, the most shakey sniper (Richard Cranor) has to make a tough decision to shoot a man holding a child or not, a shot rings out but we don’t see what happens but cut to the current day, the sniper is now back from “the war” and is meeting up with old friends on the trail for WEEEEEED they have heard of the Star Leaf strain a new dream drug guaranteed to get you off this planet from a drug that came from out of space. They track/hike out into the middle of nowhere and after hooking up with Seth Guardrail Slaughter (Russell Hodgkinson) after running into a bizarre park ranger who encourages them to smoke some herb, they get high and the movie turns into an Ibiza dance video for a few minutes, then the true nature of the drug is slowly uncovered. Then things get even more pathetic, an attempt to try and justify how drugs make us perceive things in different ways and live better lives is scratched at and the end.

Out of space weed, pushed by aliens to right our human wrongs..

Now I don’t like to bash movies, I have to give credit to this team for going out there and making a movie, well done chaps but I’m never going to watch this again. the acting is terrible the story is wobbly at best and there just isn’t anything in the film for me, but I do hope someone gets some enjoyment from it. The crowning scene is when they start tripping and suddenly there is a fire breathing deer and a fae dancer completed with joke shop wings, but it just goes on and on after that. Aliens do make an appearance and they seem to be made out of styrofoam and don’t “do” much. Eventually the army guy realises that he can choose not to take lives, everyone else has some kind of revelation to make them better people after being shocked into this theory.

I love alien conspiracy stuff, I think I own everything from Eric Von Daniken and I do love watching Ancient Aliens, even though half of it is fabricated bullshit BUT what I’m trying to say is that I’m partial to all of this also check out Mysterious Universe Podcast. But this film just pisses all over the alien aspect of it’s own plot.

There really isn’t much else to say.. luckily the film is just over an hour long, it could have been shorter in my opinion but at least it didn’t drag itself out to the standard 1h 30m+ I think a lot of low budget movies could learn a thing or two about their timing from this.


Rating 1/10

R – Pig Hunt (2008), Into the Void (2009)
L – Dope Flicks, Favourite Junkies,
A – Do we NEED bad films.
Vs – Star Leaf/Dope Vs Frankenhooker/Super Crack

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