Human Centipede vs Tusk

I re watched Tusk with my mother a few nights ago and she loved it and in our motherly/daughter post movie discussion we got all hyped about which situation would be worse, being transformed into a Walrus by a psycho or being segmented into the human centipede by well.. a psycho..

Here goes!

humancentipedeThe Concept
A premier surgeon has a secret fetish, he wants to build a centipede, not just any centipede; a creature that is made up of segments that share the same intestinal tract. Nothing strange about that huh. After hooking up his three dogs he then decides to try it on humans after the dog’s death. Now in slight contrast Howard How just wants to re create a Walrus buddy after having to kill and eat his beloved Mr. Tusk, and  in an insane attempt to let his buddy live again. So he lures unsuspecting peeps to his home and deconstructs them into his Walrus buddy.
I don’t really know to rate this, I suppose the more demented the higher the score? Christ this is already doing my head in already. okay lemme think. I’m going to be soft on Tusk this time around, after all Mr How just wants to re create his buddy, and Dr psycho is just a dirty perve.
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