Rage (2010)

rageDirector/Writer : Chris Witherspoon
Starring : Audrey Walker, Rick Crawford, Chris Witherspoon. USA. 1h 25m

I‘m not one to put down a low budget movie because let’s face it, money doesn’t make a great movie, indie movies can be amazing and don’t NEED a budget to achieve this but every now and again one slips through the crack that could be great but somehow fails with something so simple that isn’t affected by the budget but just fuzzy story writing.

A young pseudo metrosexual Dennis Twist (Rick Crawford) is out and about in Portland, on his day off, looking for a gift for his wife Crystal (Audrey Walker), as he parks his car he notices a biker apparently starring him out but carries on with his shopping trip and meeting up with a woman called Dana (Anna Lodej) who we discover he’s having an affair with and decided to chose this beautiful day to break up with her, he also discovers that she has a psychotic ex boyfriend who has just been released from prison. After this heated discussion they go their separate ways and Dennis notices that he’s being stalked by this bike, he has lunch with his friend Stan (Richard Topping) who he recounts his day too but with no proof of who the bike is, he goes about his day until he realizes that he’s now caught up in a gauntlet. Continue reading Rage (2010)