Killing Season (2013)

Killing Season


Woah Robert De Niro AND John Travolta.. seriously!?? That is the only reason why I watched this, just to see if Travolta could possibly match De Niro’s acting ability even at this stage in his career.

Beginning with the atrocities of an Eastern European war, the movie diverts to a grumpy mumbling Benjamin Ford (De Niro) who has isolated himself from his family and his past, he chances upon a stranger one night in the rain. They spend a good portion of the night together (drinking Jagermeister, good product placement there) but they part ways and agree to go hunting the next day. Emil Kovac (John Travolta) turns up early and the pair goes out deer hunting (what’s with De Niro and deer hunting??). So they head out and during a bad nun joke, suddenly  De Niro takes an arrow to the knee (lol) and becomes the hunted. A cat and mouse chase starts and the stakes get higher and more sadistic.

It’s here and there, while De Niro’s character attempts to  develops and reveals a hurt and yet merciful man, Travolta just carries on with one of the worst accents I’ve ever heard, but in his credit, it did keep it consistently bad throughout. Overall the entire movie felt just as forced. I didn’t know US troops were deployed in the Serbian/Yugoslavian/Bosnian war etc etc did it even exist back then?

If properly planned this could have been a great movie but instead we get a very bland film with some heavy surreal torture scenes and ends up being a dreary product

The torture and action seems are a very far fetched, raw and clumsy, some of the action is reminiscent of Paris with Love (2010) if maybe set in the backwaters of America, and in a very picturesque spot, some credit has to be given to the landscaping shots, but it doesn’t save this film. It’s very much pain and action for the sake of it, and if you’re into that, then settle down you’ll have an hours worth, all enhanced with GC effects and poorly lit scenes.

The acting was beneath both actors, the story was forced and easy to accept but hard to choke down. While it’s a well made movie, there isn’t’ enough feasible information to really enjoy it but i did enjoy the gory scenes. It’s not totally terrible and it wouldn’t kill you to watch it but it could have been so much better. I’m giving it a, just short of the middle of the road score, as I have done for all of Mark Steven Johnson’s half arsed movies.

Rating 4/10

full review and nonsense to come.

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