Bully (2001)



Director: Larry Clark.
Writers : Jim Schutze (book Bully A True Story of High School Revenge) David McKenna (screenplay)
Starring: Brad Renfro (RIP), Nick Stahl, Bijou Phillips, Michael Pitt, Leo Fitzpatrick. USA. 1h 55m.

Are the kids are ok! Everything is ok.. This film was recommended to me by Andy “the video shop guy” and I guess it’s safe to assume that after being a customer for so many years he knew my addiction to disturbing movies and this was a good call (thanks dude). It wasn’t until halfway through the movie that I actually realised who the director is and instantly saw the connection between this and Another Day in Paradise (1998) and could see Larry Clark has a hard on for naive teenagers…. oh matron! Continue reading Bully (2001)