Extinction (2015)


Director: Miguel Angel Vivas .
Starring: Matthew Fox, Jeffrey Donovan, Quinn McColgan . Spain, France, USA, Hungry. 1h 50m.

I’m at that stage where “infected” movies are actually starting to get on my nerves, especially the ones which just regurgitate the same old boring nonsense again and again, but there is something strangely unique about Extinction in that a fantasy safe zone has been erected around a family and an enemy/friend who has moved in next door but it’s not enough to really save this lengthy film, we dont need heart warming we need heart eating!!

There isn’t a lot of back story as we’re thrust into a dangerous and violent introduction as a bus travelling in the snow is attacked by “mutant/zombie/vampires” Zomutires? and it’s quite a gory beginning to this survival movie, this is brilliant as we are adults and understand he basics, so well done there, but what follows doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense but at times is scary and suspenseful.

extinctionSo during the apocalypse a lone father and daughter have secured themselves in a home on the edge of an icy nowhere in a town called Harmony, right next door another dude has moved in with his dog, and he believes that he’s the father of the girl, but as he’s refused access and a bit of a jerk he’s just drunk most of the time, he’s more equipped for this situation and often makes trips into town to collect goods at a local warehouse in town, he’s actually a crazy cool guy who reminds me  lot of McCready from The Thing (1982)

We don’t quite know what the creatures are but it’s clear that as they haven’t been seen for so long that they may have all died out, is this their extinction or ours? Either way as expected this quite little utopia will never be the same when a blood lusty creature is seen creeping around and this little paradise is suddenly shattered.

It’s kinda predictable but is confident to turn an apocalyptic Zomutires outbreak into a family drama, with this misdirection of plot it’s hard to call it a horror when a bulk of the movie involves two feuding dads, educating and young girl about a world that doesn’t exist anymore and baking a birthday cake, luckily the last half of the film delivers more action, shock scares and screaming.

Eventually after the first hour of being civil, and lots of red herrings about the existence of monsters or not, the creature feature begins, albeit too late it does layer in many horror factors, frantic monsters, hiding in dark rooms and the blood does flow and the family home is overrun by beastie Zomutires. The acting is actually ok, a sterling performance from Matthew Fox who later went on to enforce his gentleman persona in Bone Tomahawk (2015), and the young girl Quinn McColgan actually pulled off an in depth moody teen but, there were just a few jarring oddities that stopped me from really enjoying the film and it was mostly the set up, it just seemed too surreal, who just moves in next door to the guy raising their suspected daughter in the apocalypse!?!? But ignoring this factors and the storyline it still yields some interesting horror.

Rating 4/10

RMutants (2009), Land of the Dead (2005)
L – Survivor Movies
A – What do we expect during a zombie apocalypse, what are your plans.
5S – Matthew Fox
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