Trash Humpers (2009)

trash humpers

Director : Harmony Korine
Starring :Rachel Korine Brian Kotzur Travis Nicholson Harmony Korine.  USA. 1h 37m

Several years after the success of Gummo (1997) Harmony Korine returned with several starkly mystifying movies but it wasn’t until trash humpers did he manage to recreate the magic of Gummo but with the elderly and this time on home video, And that would be used home videos.

This psycho-mental black comedy comes in the guise of a horror drama as we proceed to follow the most peculiar elderly residents around wreaking deadly social havok. The Misfits are described by the director as “loser-gang cult-freak collective”,  and the antics are nonlinear but equally disturbing,  from actually humping Trash and any other inanimate object to hiring a troupe of  plus-size prostitute they managed to out do boys from gummo while tanking down gallons of alcohol.

Being extremely low fi and definitely targeted towards a small select  hipster fringe of viewers cash hampers is definitely not going to satisfy a great number of audiences,  it is dark and shocking And has a colourful soundtrack to boot. And strangely some of the songs that actually quite sweet and at times they are quite vulgar.

Make it! Make it! Don’t fake it!

This Gonzo style of directing certainly opens many doors where the cast can take over and shape the movie, the director must have some real trust in these people in order to pull off his or her vision, although Harmony manages to overcome this by himself his wife and friends starring in the film, as monstrous versions of live Beavis and Butthead, traveling around screeching, singing, chattering and occasionally murdering people.

If you enjoyed Bully (2001) or any of Harmonies off the wall and outlandish films then Trash Humpers will feed your desires also if you looking for anything that has some kind of story line or make any sense you might want to skip this film. For me it was interesting (and scary) to watch a bunch of people literally let go of any social or moral standards because it’s not something you see very often especially on film and I’m a sucker for how many touch when depicting fringe cultures.




Rating 7/10

RGummo (1997) , Bully (2001)
L –  Adolescence films – shit you aint never seen before.
A – What the fuck did I just see?
5B – Harmony Korine
Vs – Trash Humpers Vs Gummo

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