10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)


10cloverfieldlane1.jpgDirector : Dan Trachtenberg
Starring : John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Gallagher Jr. USA. 1h 43m

This has to be one of the most unpredictable and yet most anticipated monster sequel for quite some time. The return of Cloverfield comes with a heavy dose of Hitchcock as the young franchise steps away from the found footage shaky cam horror that made original so popular. Instead 10 Cloverfield Lane, originally called The Cellar plays with a lot of psychological tricks while dealing with tremendous tension; mostly caused by the unknown saviour Howard played by John Goodman, is his homely and very creepy underground bunker.

The first film hit the cinemas in 2008 and was an epic, detailing the systematic destruction of New York, in the guise of a found footage film, from the talented J.J Abrams, the basis of the film involved a lot of young people running around screaming “oh my gooooood” as the city crumbles around them, the culprit? A giant unknown bat like assailant, biological? Out of Space? We may never know. A lot of people have asked for and were happy to see a sequel to this thrilling flick in the pipeline, if only just to find out more about this gigantic creature but this was not the sequel we were all expecting, actually this is way better than any of the predicted storylines.

Monsters come in many forms..

Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) awakens concrete room with an IV drip and injured leg, after getting her bearings she is shortly introduced to an edgy bad-tempered Howard who dishes out some sketchy details about how she got into the bunker and what’s going on outside, he gives a shit story about the air being poisoned although despite his protests of innocence she does seem to be held against her will. There is also a young man named Emmett (John gallagher Jr) who ran to the shelter after he noticed large flashes of bright light in the sky, and he’s also is unaware of what’s going on outside and is trusting in Howards conspiracy theory expertise and better judgement and assumes they are safer in the bunker.

As a debut feature from director Dan Trachtenberg, who does a spectacular job at capturing nightmare logic within the confines of a safe haven, there is a constant sense of danger from Howard, a saviour and a controlling bully but where are the two youngsters supposed to go? John Goodman uses is massive size to help impose his character in this film, in the scenes where his body is literally blocking entire doorways and you can hear him wheezing down on people, it’s safe to assume he’s the alpha male here.

There are many twists and turns and a lot of the film is open to interpretation with an action packed and unpredictable ending; that in retrospect seems fairly obvious, this is another glorious chapter in what seems to be a Cloverfield trilogy. We got pwned in the first movie but the actions of survival can go two ways fight or hide, Michelle picks the best option for all of us in this better produced horror that has slight ties with the War of the World’s story and is much better than the ridiculous remake with Tiny Tom Cruise.




Rating 8/10

R Cloverfield (2008),
L – Bunker Films, Decent Sequels, After a Crash
A – Taking films in a different direction..
5S – John Goodman
Vs – Cloverfield Vs Cloverfield Lane

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