Fields of the Dead (2014)


Director: Daniel B Lske.
Writer : Scott Coleman
Starring: Lara Adkins, Mark Booker, Mike Delange . USA. 1h 24m.

Seven friends go out to study an isolated farm, they know about the terrible supernatural history that surround the dielectric site but put it down to pagan superstitions and carry on their investigations until things start to go awry.

I‘m not going to glam this up, I’ve tried hard to find some positive features and I just can’t. A couple of guys and a couple of blondes, and a “sensitive” brunette loner on an ancient site shrouded in mystery.. what could possibly go wrong? *cough* cliché *cough* *cough* cliché .. AND then they find an ancient book that summons demons!!! OMG!!

The acting is bad and dialogue feels like it’s come from some emo’s dear diary, and the scenes are just t o o o o long, some of the actors try so very hard to be funny and I hope comedy isn’t their back up incase this acting job falls through.

Sadly it doesn’t fall into the category of it’s so bad it’s good, it’s just terrible. It’s not even “something to pass the time” quality either as it’s so frustratingly boring, one example is when the sensitive brunette is being possessed by the “spirits” and basically it’s her having a bad dream and screaming for nearly on 5 minutes with everyone trying to wake her up!? seriously.. this is cinema!?

There is absolutely nothing here in this extremely used plot that just doesn’t deliver anything new, the story doesn’t go anywhere, it has no point and no discernible meaning and basically just pissed me off.




Rating 1/10

RKingdom Come (2014), Hazard Jack (2014), The Drownsman (2014)
L – Horror in the Fields…
A – Do we need bad movies?

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