Vinyan (2008)


Director: Fabrice Du Welz.
Starring: Emmanuelle Béart, Rufus Sewell, Petch Osathanugrah. Italy. 1h 36m.

This second installment from Fabrice to Wells the pics of very different style of storytelling from here cult classic the ordeal instead he takes a more sentimental and deeper psychological step in the look and feel of this film something he touched upon in the final 20 minutes or so of the ordeal seems to be extended and flourishes among the foliage of Thailand in this taught drama.

Wealthy couple a helping orphanage in Thailand when burp islanders savaged by a storm in the aftermath they realise that their son is missing and despite the time the boy’s mother Jeanna still holds out hope for her son is alive which is rekindled after a film services showing children being held by kidnappers together her and her husband Paul is there money in influence to hire a man to help them search for their son in an unfamiliar and hostile part of the country.

The mother’s grief and inability to cope soon overtakes everything else in the movie and he slips into what could be described as a psychosis the film gets dragged down with her arguments and distance between her and her husband soon take its toll as he loses grip on his wife she is also Losing Grip On the test sanity from the beginning he is generally quite and aggressive and logical man and Her quietness and timid nature helps mask her to nature as she does everything she can to try and find what appears to the husband to be a lost cause

It’s quite easy to see some similarities between this and the Heart of Darkness story later translated into film in the form of Apocalypse Now and other renditions since then, the frayed couple travel further and further down river and into more dangerous regions until the point where both of them eventually find the answers are looking for any Fabrice style twist at the end.

Time and time again for out the movie the couple have children thrust upon them everybody knows that they have money and I looking for the lost child but basically the answer is well here is a child 1 Scene where one of the people helping them insist well that you paid for a child to hear as a child no one is actually trying to connect this missing child with their parents this also salts and takes a half for 360 near the end where the children then get the upper hand onto the adults which are technically still persecuting them in a kind of Lord of the flies kick to the gut.




Rating 5/10

RCalvaire (2004), Orphanage (2007), Emerald Forest (1985),
L – Lost Children , Parents Falling Apart, Deep in the Jungle
A – How Important is the follow up film…
5S – Rufus Sewell
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