Post Discussion – Pressure (2015)

Please note that this post discussion is a post discussion! Therefore it’s full of spoilers and discloses information about the ENTIRE film, including the beginning middle and yes the ending, and also these films…Black Sea (2014) , Deep Star Six (1989) Leviathan (1998) , The Abyss (1989), Lifepod (1993)

So if you’ve not seen Pressure (2015) or any of the above, it’s probably better not to read on, instead please check out my spoiler free review here.

pressureThis film kind of plays in a subdued manner; it’s really four men trapped in a lifeboat situation but in contrast the film is sometimes very bloody and gut wrenching. There are some really vivid scenes, my favourite although one which is depicts a personal phobia of mine;  is when the young boy Jones; has to have this tooth operated on using a large imposing knife. When the pod first drops to the bottom of the ocean, the lad starts screaming and thrashing about,  the Neil Tennant lookalike Engel (Danny Huston) gets one of the other crew members to hold the boy’s mouth open while he shoves the blade in and does a little back street dentistry. Continue reading Post Discussion – Pressure (2015)