The Changeling (1980)

The Changeling


George C Scott gets freaked out by the specter of a dead boy  (joseph) who is haunting the house he’s occupying as he recovers from the death of his wife and child. This creepy horror is still considered one of the scariest films of all time, and it’s still pretty creepy even without all of the CG enhancements of modern movies.

The film starts out with a massive tragedy, which reminded me of Premonition (2004), but the rest of the movie revolves around John Russell (Scott) in his house of horrors. it starts out gradual, with creaking noises, banging and then escalates quickly when a medium is called upon to help out and the activity becomes more violent, another tragic story is unveiled as John investigates the death of the young boy.

Filled with a heavy atmosphere and dense character this timeless haunted classic has influenced some of the greatest directors and is still an extremely creepy movie that will stick in the mind.

I enjoyed the film, it did seem dated but it’s still very effective with tension and jump scares all enhanced by powerful sound effects and visuals. George is quite an interesting character, while dealing with his loss he keeps himself composed and logical while he attempts to play Columbo and solve puzzle. Many great directors have credited it as being the best horror movie ever, for me it doesn’t hit those notes but it’s thoroughly enjoyable and very creepy, the atmospherics are intense and many scenes are incredibly effective at staying firmly implanted in the memory.


Full review coming soon…

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