Citizen gangster (2015)

citizen gangster (2)

Director: Nathan Morlando
Starring: Scott Speedman, Kelly Reilly, Kevin Durand, Joseph Cross, Brendan Frasier. Canada. 1h 45m

Coming out hot on the heels of Public Enemy (2009) and other films such as Lawless (2012) this Canadian edition to the host of the new wave of crime tells a true story compared to the fantasy filled Gangster Squad (2013) and is quite refreshing in the age where super heroes seem to be taking over again. this is emotive drama Starring Scott Speedman as the modern-day Robin Hood,  Eddie Boyd, he didn’t give to the poor but according to reports he was admired by the general public not only during his days as a bank robber but also later on in life when he decided to go straight he was once again seen as a public treasure.

After returning back from World War II the young veteran struggles to provide for his young family, his dream to become an actor have been strangled by his tough loving policeman father played by Brian Cox. unsure how to deal with life after War and possibly going through some kind of post-traumatic stress Edwin decides to dom on his theatrical makeup and rob banks instead, strangely winning the hearts of the people working in the banks was was robbing.

After being incarcerated he teams up with a small gang (names) of other small time thieves and criminals who managed to break out and after forming a tight bond with this group who carry on robbing under the gang name of “Boyd boys” and and he starts to become detached from the family he was originally trying to provide for his relationship with his wife crumbles.

The film is only “based” on the events and stories around Edwin Boyd and it’s simply a retelling of the events instead, it just seems to be recollection of some extremely bad decisions by one confused man. it is incredibly stylish and has a very fitting soundtrack the bank robbery scenes are quite upbeat and highlight the lively characters and have the panache of a bank being robbed by I wannabe drama student.

As with great crime thrillers there is always a sturdy and reliable cop on the heels of any criminal this come from the stony faced  Detective Rhys, (William Mapother)  helped by Edwin’s father (Cox) who was sadly under used in this film.

The fraught relationship between the crooks and their molls manages to pad the action and somehow diffuses the full potential of the movie opportunities with mist in the scenes, but it’s fragile and sentimental drama between Edwin and his long-suffering wife Doreen (Kelly Riley) that deserves the close-ups attention As it is the driving force not only for the Crook that the movie also.

All credit must be given to the director/writer Nathan Morlando  for creating stylishly shot evocative period piece it’s a bit choppy at times but Speedman’s performance managers to keep the film alive during the quieter scenes when the plot tend to drop off, overall it’s entertaining but it’s looking a lot like every other gangster movie out there, I felt that it was holding back when with a story this blistering it really could have let go and have been bold and wild.


Rating 5/10

RPublic Enemy (2009)  Lawless (2012)
L – Selected Canadian Film, Selected Gangster Movies, A-Z of Crime Vol 1
A – Making a hero out of a criminal, how movies change our perceptions as we route for the bad guys
5B – Kevin Durand, Scott Speedman, Brian Cox, Brendan Frasier,
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