Creepy Old people in Cinema Vol 1

Old people are so deceptive and eat more than you’d ever think..  But they play a fairly important part in cinema, usually the good wise characters, protectors and generally helpful sources of information, love and care, but on the flip side they can be way more scary and unpredictable when they play an opposite role, so here is a list of Creepy old people, its only volume 1… so if you I missed anything lemme know..

eartha kitt erik the viking tim robbins01. Eartha Kit as Freya in Erik the Viking (1989)

I really loved her little cameo in Erik the Viking, as a witchy woman of the mountains, a fortune teller and advice giver but oh my god how she just appears from under the fur creeped me out as much as it did Erik (Tim Robbins). After watching her play catwoman as a child she’s always reminded me of a feline, and you never hear them coming… creepy! just pure creepy but subtle compared to some of these other crackpots.. are you ready..

shinning02. THAT old lady from The Shining (1980)

If this list was in any order then this would probably be the number one, as this old water nymph has freaked out a large number of people, I think it’s totally acceptable for any man to cry during this scene or about 1 hour 20  into the Crying Game. The Shining is filled with lots of bizarre situations and characters but none really sucked the life out of the audience as the eerie performance from Billie Gibson as she clambers out of the bath in pursuit of an embrace.. she just wants some lovin.

legion lady03.  The old bitch from Legion (2010)

Despite being pretty unpopular, Legion has a soft spot in my heart yes the story line is a little shoddy but I love religious iconography and the demonic aspect was interesting, my two favourite characters would have to be the creepy ice cream man (Doug Bradley) but the prize for typical old person goes to Jeanette Miller as Gladys Foster the foul mouthed crazy demonic old lady who likes to climb ceilings. She reminds me of so many crusties that I’ve met over the years.

The visit04.Pop pop and grandma in The Visit (2015) 

This film recently brought OAP’s back into the horror circuit, not one but TWO nutty old people made the film extremely terrifying. A couple of kids go out to meet their estranged grandparents who are experiencing a few psychological issues, but don’t worry everything will be okay, just help grandma clean the back of the oven. I think M Night has a things about creepy old people.

the happening05.Mrs. Jones from The Happening (2008)

When M Night started to lose the plot, he made a film that made no sense and that frightened NO ONE but it did include one creepy as fuck woman, Betty Buckley as Mrs Jones, who welcomes a few strangers into her home, then starts to lose her shit while getting high on pollen and starts smashing her head through the windows.. \m/

unborn old man possession horror06. Sofi Kozma and that guy in Unborn (2009)

One of the earlier exorcism/possession films that centred on Judaism that hit the big screen, generally hated by the masses by creeping and involving I thought. A young girl searches her history to find out that she’s plagued by a dybbuk, after meeting Sofi Kozma (Jane Alexander) in the nursing home she kick starts an awakening of this evil spirit which animates Eli Walker (Michael Sassone), who then proceeds to go all fucking Silent Hill and morphs into a twisted monster and creeps around stalking the silver haired holocaust survivor. He’s scary as fuck and thanks for the nightmares.

logan9.jpg07.Deborah Logan from The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

It always gets awkward when old people start to lose it and like getting naked, possessed or not.. just OMG! (one day this will be me but I won’t be crazy I’ll just be trying to gross out young people) Deborah is going through a difficult stage in her life where she’s struggling with Alzheimer’s(?) or possibly a possession of an old occultist, either way she’s experiencing a few nightly disturbances, everything from digging in the garden naked, violent outburst, levitation and morphing into a fucking human sized snake, unhinging her jaws and trying to devour children!! I mean it’s a little unsettling..

trash humpers08.Everyone in Trash Humpers (2009)

If you thought Gummo was weird then check out this OAP instalment. I imagine that in 40 50 years’ time when all the chav’s have grown old and not matured that we’ll find groups of people like these Trash Humpers, basically a group of OAP’s who like to hump trash, drink, party with hookers and on the odd occasion kill people. Not necessarily scary or creepy but very disturbing individuals who sometimes have the voices of little angels… yeah right.

Requiem for a dream09. Sara Goldfarb in Requiem for a Dream (2000)

The lives of a few Coney Islanders is transformed by some kind of drug addiction, traditionally you’d assume it is a bunch of rascally kids but in comes the old belle with dreams of being on the TV and who manages to get hooked on diet pills/uppers and then watch the crazy happen. Ellen Burstyn makes cinema magic in her portrayal of the this delusional woman who’s being taken for a ride by the medical profession who are more concerned about dispensing than actually caring. Her scenes are great, kinda how I’d imagine a squirrel on Red Bull would act.

texas chainsaw grandpa10. Grandfather from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1975)

Even though gramps is older than sin, decrepit and possibly a fucking zombie, he’s still the man, he’s still got it. In this deranged tale of lost teens finding a family of cannibals, you’ll be forgiven for not wanting to be invited for dinner, but the guest of honour is Grandpa (John Dugan), the oldest member of the family who apparently had a one hit kill swing with his trusty hammer when he was in his prime, but now the old beef jerky man doesn’t quite have as much oomph but still has a taste for young girls..

silent scream peter cushingBONUS Martin Blueck in Silent Scream / Hammer House of Horrors (1976) – For a long time I have admired and feared Peter Cushing, personally I think the loss of his wife completely wiped him out as a human and you could see that sorrow in him, at other times he had this knack of playing a sweet old man and also a complete psychopath! I had a choice of this or Shock Waves, two of his cruellest roles but this wins hands down, posing as a concentration camp survivor he entices a young Brian Cox to work in his exotic pet shop but soon makes a pet of Cox keeping him in an electrified room and training him through shocks and fear, he didn’t lie about being in a concentration camp but who’s side was he on during the war? Creepy ass fuck! I love the film(?) to bits but don’t trust old people…


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