3 Horror Shorts, Laugh, Grin and Vienna waits for you

Laugh (2015)
Director: Kantorn Chantorn
Starring Vorasit Tatrivijid, Thitika Phongcharndech. Thailand?. 2m 53s

I initially found this while reviewing Hi  and The Passenger and should have made it a triple bill then but failed to do so. It’s quite funny watching a horror movie on youtube that is a guy watching a movie on youtube. Basically man along at home watching TV and laughing along, hears a woman laugh with him, but he’s home alone. It’s a little creepy but it made less so buy the really loud and constant atmospheric music, cut that down and allow the laugh to actually be scary and it might be more effective. 4/10

Grin (2015)
Director: Danny Donahue
Starring : Megan Hayes, Jamies Daniels, Trent Ward. USA. 2m 25s

Holy shit, I added this to my playlist to watch and didn’t realise that it was Danny Donahue who has made me wet myself twice now… fucking man.. Anyway I left this one on the playlist until the following morning.. I KNOW I’m going to need some time to think this off before lights out.
A woman stands alone in the garden starring at a wall with a clown painting, she’s about to sell the family home and is traumatized by the image, but there is more to it than that. A demonic Pennywise style clown is peeking over the wall… The tension is there any the film has a great little story, but isn’t as scary as Vermin or The Whisperer for me only because clowns have been done to death and I like the mysterious “new” un named monsters that Donahue has come up with, still watchable though… phew! 5/10

Vienna waits for you (2014)
Director: Dominik Hartl
Starring .Petra Staduan, Alexander Fennon,   Austria. 26m 17s

Starting out mega creepy with an old woman crawling through her apartment, making a brave escape via  tattered rags being lowered out of the window, then after flipping the bird at the apartment she starts her descent, but things go strangely wrong, she falls, but it hooked by her foot and survives, her false teeth drop out but while she’s trying to grab them she’s dragged back up into the apartment and the window shuts. A young girl is viewing the apartment, a elderly lady is desperate to sell, she soon starts to clear and clean the apartment which curiously keeps returning to it’s former shabbiness, bags and bags of stuff is removed again and again but there is always more, but as she starts to age she starts to realise what the audience has realised, the apartment is haunted. There is a lot of black comedy in this mini horror, lace doilies and a fugly cat statue being the first items to offend. The film progresses as a battle between the Anna vs the dusty apartment.  Unlike a lot of haunted apartment stories this is way more bizarre and has a cosiness of a Junet et Caro movie, but it’s still very dark. The main actress is brilliant, having to spend most of the movie as a creepy old lady, on the verge of being turned into something quite bizarre.
This movie is an absolute gem, it’s a surreal dark euro horror with an unexpected and brilliant conclusion like any European old folk lore story, it’s easy to see why it won so many awards. 8/10

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