Vice (2015)


Director : Brian A Miller
Starring : Thomas Jane, Bruce Willis, Ambyr Childers . USA. 1h 39m

Basically this film boils down to a poor relation to Westworld (1973) in which a rich entrepreneur aka Bruce Willis manufactures a world that you can pay extraordinary amount of money to go into and act out any of your vices, literally anything goes and the population of this grotty wonderland are hyper realistic robots who generally have their memories and bodies reset and repaired nightly.

Naturally not everybody would be into this fantasy zone and the one person who sees the biggest problem with this viceland, unfortunately for Bruce Willis happens to be incredibly rusty and aggressive cop who comes in the guise of Thomas Jane, who strangely should have been hotter with longer hair but just basically wasn’t. Roy (Jane) often breaks into vice and arrest people he believes use the facility to act out murders that they going to fulfill in the real world. And obviously with artificial intelligent robots something always has to go wrong in this case one of the robot starts to become aware. She’s eventually noticed and helped by Thomas Jane as she is one of us his items of proof that this fantasy rape world is just not going to work obviously her manufacturers have to stop her as soon as possible and she becomes a pawn in this war to keep vice open.

A utopian paradise where you can have and do anything you want

The film is generally weak and messy bringing nothing new to the AI genre. It’s a amateur attempt at crossing iRobot and Westworld, it’s clunky and fails on many levels to produce a meaty story as it constantly strives to rip off a range of sci fi films and retro concepts and because of this it simply becomes so predictable that the mind focuses in on all the bloopers, poor dialogue and plot holes instead. Willis sleepwalks through his role and Jane turned up but didn’t give up the effort to his role. The effects aren’t sharp and can’t be relied on to be a visual distraction when things get dire, there just isn’t a reprieve, everything here is fully loaded bargain bucket film.


Rating 2/10

RiRobot (2004), Westworld (1973), Blade Runner (1982)
L – AI Films, Techno future flicks, Cyborgs.
5s – Bruce Willis, Thomas Jane.
Vs – Vice Vs Westworld

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