Awaken the Devil (2014)* AKA An Anti American


Director: Daniel Falicki
Writer: Ryan Lieske, Matt Simpson +
Starring: Jason Roth, Matt Simpson and Leah Vukovich. USA. 1h 28m

Basically fuck this film. No I’m never this harsh, but this film did put me to sleep. I understand where it coming from and budget was an issue and I fully support movies made with little to no budget, take Bellflower (2011) for example, this is what you can do with $17,000 raised by a kick starter. Now I’m no expert and never made a movie but I’m sure this film could have benefitted from maybe being more humble and less fancy, will putting more effort into the deeper plot and it tries to scratch out. Continue reading Awaken the Devil (2014)* AKA An Anti American