Awaken the Devil (2014)* AKA An Anti American


Director: Daniel Falicki
Writer: Ryan Lieske, Matt Simpson +
Starring: Jason Roth, Matt Simpson and Leah Vukovich. USA. 1h 28m

Basically fuck this film. No I’m never this harsh, but this film did put me to sleep. I understand where it coming from and budget was an issue and I fully support movies made with little to no budget, take Bellflower (2011) for example, this is what you can do with $17,000 raised by a kick starter. Now I’m no expert and never made a movie but I’m sure this film could have benefitted from maybe being more humble and less fancy, will putting more effort into the deeper plot and it tries to scratch out.

Albeit a rubbish movie, the story behind the film is as dark and intriguing as any Lovecraft-esque story, but the execution is poor to laughable. Two homeless vets Tom and Vernon, who have an charismatic bond, stumble into an abandoned building for shelter but the abode soon turns into a hellish world of shadows as the two are preyed upon by an unknown and evil force that’s determined to bring about the rebirth of the antichrist.

I think I made the big classic mistake of giving up on this film quite early the first time, fair enough I fell asleep during the first viewing but on the second which I managed to catch what seemed to have in the golden hour I missed initially. There are a few jump scares which you are easily pulled into due to the quietness of the movie they are also some interesting effects used on their devil presences but a lot more attention needed to be paid to the main characters reactions especially the Silent Bob of the film, blinking hard to every question just isn’t enough.

The cast is extremely small, and the streets scenes were done using CGI shadow people as the best description. It’s little parts like this that could have been avoided and more resources put into other areas of the movie watch for more creative.

Overall there is a deep message trying to be told but it takes away too long before even starts to come across, develop boils down to just one speech near the end of the film. Sadly it is a poor film but it does have a lot of character and heart.



Rating 2/10

RHitler Meets Christ (2007)
L – Lowest budget films,
A – Movie Making within your budget

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