Home invasion (2015)

2016_04_28_10.23.20Director: David Tennant
Writer: Peter Sullivan
Starring: Jason Patric, Scott Adkins, Natasha Henstridge. USA. 1h 25m

Sometimes I’m not quite sure why people cast good action stars in such crappy dramas but seems thought I’d cancer name advertised in this film did actually persuade me to give it a go all in all it’s not actually a terrible movie but just not that kind of calibre I would expect.

The story is quite simple a woman is residing in a large home with her son and her estranged husband has left her or is in the process of leaving her but unbeknownst to her there is there are safer to very vital information in it one night a group of professionals makes an attempt to isolate her and her son and break into the house to retrieve the goods hence the title home invasion.

Help is on the way if you live that long

Anything that really makes this movie stand out from a host of other home invasion films is a fact that the security system even though partially disabled by the Crookes is meant by a conscientious controller played by Jason Patric how was unable to get to the mother and son as a bridge has been collapsed by a swollen river but Patric manages to help talk her through navigate in her home to avoid the thieves.

It’s surprising to see such big names in this film, on the initial watch it seems quite low key and subtle I haven’t seen Jason patric in anything for a while and I assume he’s skint, Scott Adkins is usually quite ready to make the odd low budget movie but I’m reflection there is an interesting story scratching at the surface here. It took me a while to realise that the mother who’s the chick from species she certainly has changed a lot but her acting seems to have improved.

Despite some of the ambiguity the odd pothole here and there the film is actually ok it’s very clear cut from the beginning you can pretty much predicts and see what’s going to happen and it doesn’t attempt to stray from the path at all the biggest disappointment would be the presence of Scott outside of his usual roles usually when you see his name you’ll expect him topless in some random action movie and neither of those two ingredients are present as far as home invasion movies go they can be extremely comma Titch very disturbing following episodes this movie seems to be daytime TV Style there’s nothing outlandish about it in anyway you can almost describe it as a home invasion movie with a safety net.




Rating 3/10

RThe Purge (2013), Intruders (2015)
L – Home invasion films
5B – Scott Adkins

2 thoughts on “Home invasion (2015)”

  1. Home Invasion is a very good thriller. A women is home with a friend and a child when her house is broken into. Good acting, lots action and a great story. You will sit on the edge of your seat with this one. Worth a watch.

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