Treehouse (2014)


Director :Michael Bartlett
Starring :J. Michael Trautmann Dana Melanie Daniel Fredrick Clint James. USA. 1h 38m

The film had so much potential and offered a lot of misleading ideas with previews cover art and publicity that’s ok because I understand that a film does need to be pushed in it’s early stages and it doesn’t mean that it’s a terrible film but it’s just not the supernatural thriller that I was expecting.

All that aside let’s have a look at what Treehouse has to offer, the film opens with a teen girl returning home to find her family missing, she grabs her daddys  shotgun and goes to investigate the scene ends with the screams of her little brother coming from the forest with a shadowy figure looming over her. cutting to the strife of two brothers at a local school the younger being bullied and the older looking after him after getting into a fight they return home to a TV broadcast about a missing girl and other local children, a new curfew has come into place but ignoring the advice they go out into the forest to find the missing kids and end up facing the worst nightmares after they found the missing girl disheveled and frightened in a Treehouse. Continue reading Treehouse (2014)