Films that would benefit from a Atmospheric Black Metal OST


If you’ve ever read my blog, you’ll know I’m a weakling for black and white movies and I can’t mention Vampyr (1932) without ranting on about the version with the the soundtrack lovingly created by virtuosis of Year of No Light ( which adds a whole new level of atmosphere and really enhances the movie to no end…

Now because I have no life and live for movies, I am going to get really geeky and suggest 5 movies that could possibly benefit from a darker and more powerful sound track. To be honest I don’t know why bands and fans don’t really score more films, obviously silent ones are easier and there are plenty more of those to do… hint hint!!

Atmospheric music generally perceived as….

Atmospheric black metal is a sub-genre of black metal which relies on heavy incorporation of atmospheric, sometimes even dreamy textures, therefore moving away from its parent into a less aggressive direction. Atmospheric black metal often features synthesizers or classical instrumentation, typically for melody or ethereal “shimmering” over the wall of sound provided by the guitars. The music is usually slow to mid paced with rare blast beat usage, without any abrupt changes and generally features slowly developing, sometimes repetitive melodies and riffs, thus providing another notable distinction from its parent and other black metal sub-genres. Subject matter usually concerns nature, folklore, mythology, and personal introspection.”

sourced from the wiki..

darkwasthenight01.Dark was the Night (2014)

A slightly underpowered creature feature on the dark side, starring the behemoth comedy Canadian Kevin Durand as a troubled law enforcement officer in a small town situated on the edge of a forest. After some new construction starts that is destroying the forest area a new creature is disturbed and it’s not happy about the lack of and makes it’s disturbing presence known while searching for some new grub. Visually it’s a great film to watch, lots of forest scenes and quite a few nighttime shots, combining the two really gives an interesting Depressive Forest feel, especially as the lead character is going through his own personal depressive state due to a bereavement in his own family. The film circulates around the forest and the creatures themselves has a tree like look, the film is generally quite grey and I think if attuned to deep riffs of at atmospheric band, the two would play off each other well.

Suggested Band: The Wanderer

Silent Hill02.Silent Hill  (2006)

I never had many hopes for this film but after watching it a few times it does have a few redeeming qualities, Pyramid Head was re created quite well and he gave the film it’s epic skin slinging shot, some of the early scenes really did look like the game’s cut scenes but for the life of me I can’t work out how it happened without Cameron Diaz as Cybil. Anyway while the town is correctly covered in fog and mystery I think it could be enhanced by some of the darkest and sympathetic metal. But Silent Hill  will always remain a town shrouded in filled with strange characters,nightmares, depression and a host of monsters, which would make a perfect setting for any atmospheric black metal soundtrack as this is what the music breathes for.

Suggested Band : Songs From A Tomb (

acrosstheriv03.Across the River (2014)

This film, dark almost silent and incredibly psychological and atmospheric in itself, and would only absorb any Atmospheric OST and the results would be devastating. The film details a lone man who is investigating animals in a remote region of Italy, while noticing something strange on one of the recordings he visits a town that isn’t on the map, the rain starts, the river rises and he’s stranded and then starts getting stalked by the ghosts of the town. The entire film is highly dark and oozes depression, but it’s so curious and captivating and really was a highlight of the Abetoir Festival.

Suggested Bands : Alrakis  (

The-Witch04.The Witch (2015)

A film where has a very unique atmosphere and feeling but has encouraged me to get back to the solicitor and try to complete it the witch details the exile of a pious family from a Puritan settlement who are forced to try and scratch a living from the edge of a forest when they are soon prayed upon by a dark evil. There is a host of very dark sinister occult things etched from mediaeval books and paintings, and incorporated into this mysterious horror, which would make it a perfect candidate for it and atmospheric black metal soundtrack.The pagan and heathen symbolism it’s quite prevalent throughout and with a director who was crazed about authenticity there was a hostess primal olde European culture that sleeps through. A blistering soundtrack twinned with the dusky lit forest would be stunning.

Suggested Band : Nychts (

the turin horse05.The Turin Horse (2012)

I was foolishly unaware that this was Bela Tarr’s work for some time, I am a scatterbrain at times, but after falling in love with previous works I did make it a mission to obtain this fine movie and I was blown away by it, much as most of the cast were during the making of it. The stark black and white tale to end all tales carries a deep and apocalyptic message and is a poignant farewell from Tarr. The movie starts with this dramatic scene of a man riding a horse and cart through this blustery winding road, there is a dramatic and furious music which follows through the movie and it is beautifully crafted but I do wonder if maybe something deeper and darker would also work.A father and daughter live in the middle of a vast no where, he chases home on the Turin Horse, while a narrator describes how the horses whipping caused the demise of Nietzsche. Everything about this film marks the ending on something, possibly the most meaningful Hungarian Philosophical drama ever.

Suggested Band: Forteresse (http://

valhalla106.Valhalla Rising (2009)

A deeply curious film detailing the last one eyed Viking’s trip the America. OK, it’s a little bit deeper than that. The mostly silent movie does follow an entirely silent Viking, lovingly named “one eye” by his young companion, captured and feared by his owner he’s treated like an animal and forced to fight in the misty hills.. after several brutal and deadly battles the Odin like stranger uses psychic foresight to find the tools to escape, after slaughtering the men who held him captive and befriending a young boy, he chances upon some Christian missionaries and they travel to America and experience a crazy spaced out period before they are spotted by the natives. Very deep and curious, a brilliant movie with so little dialogue as the characters get dwarfed by massive powerful landscapes, definitely worth a dark and heavy soundtrack to match its other strengths.

Suggested Band: Kalmankantaja (

One thought on “Films that would benefit from a Atmospheric Black Metal OST”

  1. With your taste of fine B/W and gothic filled images, I have to suggest you see the Sundance favorite, “The Eyes of My Mother,” directed by wunderkind and NYU graduate, Nicolas Pesce. I was fortunate enough to witness its unveiling at the 2016 Phoenix Film Festival. Before the viewing, I met with the star, and she had described it like a cross between Hitchcock and “Eraserhead.” Now, those are lofty goals, and I was skeptical going in. But this film rocked and shocked its audience. The star’s description of the film was an understatement. For a closer look you can check out my review at…

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