Essex Vendetta (2016)


Director:Terry Lee Coker .
Starring: Michael McKell, Kris Johnson, Danniella Westbrook. UK. 1h 29m.

There is this uprising of Essex movies, initially it kicked off after all the footie films, Cass (2008) soon turned into Rise of the Footsoldier and then due to it’s popularity but the time the sequel came out it was lost in among all of the other Essex flicks and the all insist on having Essex in the title! And now we have the Essex Vendetta… What a load of bollox..

An everyday essex geezer tries to reach beyond his limits, even if it means risking everything in the hands of a grubby drugs deal. That’s how the film is sold to us. It’s a little bit more basic than that,basically Spencer (Michael McKell) does a few tattoos up in his top loft and after the death of his mother then his father’s suicide he branches out, borrowing money to open his own shop. One seemingly simple deal turns sour and then at every step of his journey Spencer is either running from someone, getting fucked over or having to do another more dangerous deal in order to sort out the previous, eventually everyone Spencer knows is soon pulled into this mess but is their involvement all that innocent?

It’s a bold stab at action and intrigue, but it fails on all accounts,it just slaps smut and death in your face and any display of emotion is fleeting. The frustrating factor is that it has a fairly decent story it’s just shoddy on all other fronts. This age old story of trying to get out of a life of crime but getting pulled in deeper, isn’t anything new, and it’s not hard to make this exciting, usually this aspect in gangster films is a success, Carlito’s Way (1993) is a brilliant example of the dynamics and characters that you’d expect, blend that with the wit and culture of Rise of the Footsoldier and you’d be onto a brit winner… but this dismal movie is the opposite, and it feels like it was done on purpose. There is a fairly interesting plot under the dismal acting and shady camera work, the only highlight was trying to see if Ms Westbrook has a full nose or not.





Rating 1/10

RRise of the Footsoldier (2007), Cass (2008), Redirected (2014), Carlito’s Way (1993)
L – Essex Movies, Tattoo Flicks
A – Don’t use your budget as an excuse.



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