The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962)

The Brain that wouldn't die (1)

Director : Joseph Green.
Starring : Jason Evers, Virginia Leith, Eddie Carmel. USA. 1h 28m

One of the more experimental and exploitive sci fi films from the 50s? I’m not getting my dates wrong, the film was made and completed in 1959 under the working title of   The Black Door  but was not released until 1962!? A brilliant scientist manages to find a way to keep the brain alive outside of the body, then after a tragic car accident his girlfriend is tragically injured but he manages to save her head, unlike the other brain he’s been keeping alive his girlfriend’s head had the ability to look around, talk and experience new psychic abilities that are the side effects of the chemicals that are keeping her alive. While her beloved travels around trying to find her a perfect body, she starts connecting psychically with a “thing” kept in the laboratory with her, but her only source of reasoning comes from the deformed lab assistant, a sort of retro Igor. Continue reading The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962)