The Veil (2015)

the Veil

Director: Phil Joanou
Writer: Robert Ben Garant (screenplay)
Starring: Jessica Alba, Lily Rabe, Thomas Jane. USA. 1h 33m

This film can fucking do one! It’s one of those films that makes you start to lose faith and horror, it takes a perfectly amazing concept which is scary enough in itself then combines the tragic real life events of  Jonestown Massacre the Applewhite/Heavens Gate incident but instead of maximizing on this disturbing topic that involves mass suicide, mind control the dangerous cult behaviors and paranoia, it ditches all of this to make a really lame and ever so tedious ghost story full of false jump scares, flash photography and everything that we would expect from a really cheaply made TV movie and somehow manages to muster ok actors Jessica Alba and Thomas Jane.

Staring in the typical way, a series of horrific flashbacks of a controlling all powerful cult leader as he plans and executes a mass suicide but they were the one soul survivor, a young girl who manages to escape death  after her adoptive parents join a cult with her. 20+ years later she is contacted by an investigative news team we want to take her back to the crime scene and film her reactions as she traverses the original site. Upon arriving a mendgree of mysterious events, spark up, including  lights appearing in the night been picked up only on the cameras and the remains of the cult followers seem to appear at random intervals. It becomes apparent that the suicide was a tool for the cult leader to somehow cheat death and now that this escapee is back it’s time for him to find a new flock.

It’s very obvious that Thomas Jane it’s supposed to be Jim Jones who orchestrated the Jonestown Massacre that the Massacre itself is actually latest on the heaven’s Gate incident, Visa to very deep and tragic events in human history book that was mcdo Storey the movie transfers into animazing me pathetic attempt at a ghost story all of the opportunities to have some kind of found footage element with a new steam in this day and age was found footage been around every corner it’s completely skipped which might be a bonus in some cases as they would have fucked that up to.There is a scary without face around every vorner I followed by several minutes is screaming,  mystery literally does not go anywhere and me ending can be seen a mile off.


Rating 2/10

R Apocalyptic (2014), The Believers (1987), The Reaping (2007)
L – Movies about Cults that aren’t cult themselves
5s Thomas Jane, Jessica Alba


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