10 Films that make me cry…

For me films aren’t supposed to just pass some time I do admire the fact that they can cause an effect on people, usually people chose comedies to help alleviate stress and to “av a laff” but there are a plethora of films which can cause some negative feelings and can be scary or disturbing. But despite this they are still enjoyable and here are a few films that tear me up….

brotherhoodofthewolf01.Le Pacte Des Loups – Brotherhood of the wolf (2001)

This film has everything for me, low levels of romance, some passion, a smidgen of humor and lot of mystery, thrills, action and some gorey creature horror. I’m not sure why it works SO well with this movie in particular but I can’t praise it enough!! But.. it does make me cry and it’s a pretty consistant thing. Some movies shock or thrill the once, others entertain time and time again but no matter how much I prepare myself I always cry during the final parts of this film. It all goes downhill for me around the time that Mani (Marc Decacos) dies, either his death scene or when Samuel Le Bihan Knight Grégoire de Fronsac is prepping the body for a traditional native american burial.. I suddenly find that there is something in my eye.

Gladiator02.Gladiator (2000)

One of my all time favourite ancient epics that consistently reduces me to tears and only in the final minutes. I don’t know what it is about the action but as soon as Lucilla (Connie Nielsen)  holds her head grief-stricken, over Maximus as he’s dying I’m usually crying like a baby, even in the cinema on the first showing but I didn’t feel bad because I wasn’t the only one. His family’s demise didn’t bother me, the ethnic cleansing of the European natives didn’t raise and concern just that one simple action, may be accompanied with the sombre soundtrack and haunting vocals, the results are devastating.

Kekexili Mountain Patrol03.Kekexili Mountain Patrol (2004)

In the second half of the movie  Liu Dong (Qi Liang) travelling alone on the way back to join Ritai with his vehicle fully stocked with supplies returns to his car and gets caught in quicksand and slowly sinks to his desolate death, all parts of me start cracking up. He’s alone and dying, fairly slowly,  alone and with no hope of survival,  crying and fighting for life he just dies and the desert is quiet again. Knowing his body is just under the surface still alive for a few moments,  makes me feel not only sick but very tearful.

dukeofburg04.Duke of Burgundy (2014)

Possibly the only romance on the list, having had similar experiences in a relationship quite close to the one depicted in the film, it holds a certain power over me. The ending scene is incredibly powerful after all the love between certain fetishist is awkward and the fetish itself becomes a third party, and despite there being deep love between Evelyn (Chiara D’Anna) and Cynthia (Sidse Babett Knudsen) in those final scenes all Evelyn wants is to embrace her lover. They start crying and I’m a mess of tears.

darkdays05.Dark Days (2001)

A documentary movie with very disturbing roots. This has to be one of those gut wrenching films where it’s both emotional and in a few scenes just sickening, like when a homeless man is picking meat out of the bins to eat and explaining how to find meat that’s edible. It’s sickening to the core that people are forced to live that way in this brilliant society. The tear jerker was the story of a young black mother who detailed her addiction and the events that passed while she was in jail.  The first time I watched her confession, I had to stop the movie because i was crying to much, it was really cutting me up.

Thanatomorphose06.Thanatomorphose (2012)

Morbidly dark Canadian surreal horror. An instant favourite for me and soon remade as a low budget homage as Contracted (2013) a young girl starts to to rot, initially she thinks that her bruises are from rough sex with her boyfriend but this rapidly escalates into a spiral of dark sexuality and gore.As with most of these tear jerkers it all happens at the end as this beautful girl vanishes into a void of rotten rancid mess.

bittersweet life07.Dalkomhan insaeng – Bittersweet Life  (2005)

Most movies have one scene in which something happens and you end up sobbing into your popcorn or in this case a cushion. Bittersweet Life has really does wear it’s heart on it’s sleeve,  telling the harrowing tale or a modern day Samurai in the guise of Sun-Woo (Lee Byung Hun) being the retainer of a bizarre character Mr Kang (Kim Yeongcheol) once a little love affair goes awry everything becomes a nightmare for Sun-Woo  whose life takes the brunt of everyone’s wrong doings as is more of the bitter and none of the sweet.. Literally from about 25 minutes into the movie I’m just undone again and again by the atrocities that he has to endure, being buried alive, beaten, shot and having to then BEG for forgiveness and understanding to his makeshift retainer the final scene I can always watch as 80% of the movie makes me so angry and upset. It’s beautiful when a film can cause an emotional reaction but damn it makes it hard to just chuck in the player and watch.

city of violence08.JjakpaeCity of Violence (2006)

This film has all the highs and lows, when it’s high it’s ass kickingly violent and extreme, but when it reaches it’s dismal lows they always involve the breaking up of a lifelong friendship which cuts deep. There are a few scenes in this movie which wreak of sadness. There are many coming of age movies which reflect back to childhood antics and then shows what a strong bond they have maintained.Things are slightly different in the CIty of Violence, Tae- su (Doo-hong Jung) is a detective who has to return to his old home town for the funeral of one of his old friends, the group come together to investigate the mystery around his violent murder, it seems their bonds are not as strong as they used to be. There are some amazing action scenes but no one is safe in a Ryoo Seung-wan movie, and it gets distressing when people are being taken out in some extraordinarily vicious fight scenes. The final 10 minutes is pretty much like the ending of Bittersweet Life.

when-the-wind-blows09. When the Wind Blows (1986)

Probably the first movie to have a real emotional effect on me. I was pretty young when it first aired on tv about 7 or 8 and thinking that I was going to be watching a pleasant cartoon I was left pretty upset, James and Hilda Bloggs, a retired couple are a little naive in thinking they can survive a nuclear blast after the UK announces it’s at war with the Soviet Union, after applying all of their skills from survival techniques used in WWII they build a shelter in their stop motion world. It looks so subtle and sweet but the message and content is dark and gut wrenching,.After the initial impact the loving couple try to put their lives back together, while slowly losing their hair and bleeding out they are sure the emergency services are coming.. It’s hard to watch two vulnerable people going head into a battle they can’t win. At every step of the way they remain optimistic and it makes it more painful to watch their demise.

Hunger10. Hunger (2008)

Every aspect of this movie causes a deep emotional reaction, there are no happy scenes here, no reprise, the film just spirals into a dark and hellish place. Without taking any sides it’s plain to ignore the politics and observe the wrongdoings. The brutal beatings, violence, and the personal dedication to a cause. One man’s fight and sacrifice is portrayed in such a harsh way, kudos to Michael Fasbender for the anorexia session to slim down to mimic the dying Bobby Sands, and the haunting stories and the effects used in the last dying scenes along with those final moments always shake me if I can bare to watch the film to it’s bitter end.



One thought on “10 Films that make me cry…”

  1. When The Wind Blows is such a fantastic and sad film. “Women don’t lose their hair Hilda, that’s a fact.” Terrifying.

    The movie that makes me sad whenever I see it is About Schmidt. I think Payne really captured something quite traumatic yet normal there.

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