Jeepers Creepers (2001)


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Director: Victor Salva.
Starring: Jonathan Breck, Justin Long, Gina Philips. USA. 1h 31m.

For a while the horror scene was starting to get stale and boring, Zombies were becoming ever popular and around this period of tedium The Creeper was born, and this curious and bizarre creature really sparked up the monster aspect in the horror scene once again.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the Creeper character originates from but he seems to always have a trick up his sleeve, and without any backstory you can pretty much make what you will of the Creeper, to me he seems like some kind of Chimera.. who like Freddy Kreuger has frightened and seduced his audience.


A brother and sister are traveling across country when they stumble upon their very worst nightmare, an unknown truck starts to become aggressive and being typical teens they flip it off until they notice the driver dumping a body in the middle of nowhere, after debating going back they discover an underground cavern, a mutilated man and some creepy skin decorations, it seems the mystery man had been studying the Ed Gein’s book on interior decorating. After momentarily getting trapped they due scarper and hit the road again with the aim to call the police and get home to the safety of mum and dad ASAP. but the truck returns the chase begins.

It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but what at first appears to be a psychotic man is soon discovered to be one of the most unique monsters in modern cinema. It’s certainly a road movie which helps keep the pace with the film but lots of the cliches’ are avoided while this maniacal character is slowly unveiled to the audience, each time bringing something new and bizarre to frighten them with. I think is part of the why the film works so well, as the dynamic duo scarper from stop to stop they discover another feature about the Creeper, all with the help of a psychic who keeps calling them along the way and who eventually heads out to save them, and despite her expert insights, even she doesn’t know exactly what it is that the Creeper is, but she knows what he wants and that he’ll not stop to get it.

Every twenty-third spring for twenty three days it gets to eat.

Periodicaly the Creeper has to “feed” he has a unique way of immortalising himself where he sense out the best body parts around and eats them to regenerate himself and he’s got the scent of something he really likes and one of these unlucky siblings will discover the grisly truth.

So much about this film seems to connect with some random urban or folklore legends, the Creeper is both the boogeyman, a genetic abnormality, mysterious as Slender man and as characterically funny and scary as Freddy Krueger. It’s really a character that you can run with when it comes to crazy ideas, and i think that’s exactly what Victor Salva did, although the tension is kept taught and does grow as the situations become stranger he develops this monster but does ruin it by breaking the rules or making the film ridiculous to make it scary.

I certainly wasn’t prepared for Jeepers, it start out so innocent and just around the point I started to get bored it suddenly gets incredibly dark and scary and continues to keep a decent pace with unusual scares along the way. The teens run into a crazy cat lady, the Creeper sorts their laundry in the car park and the shit he does in a local prison is well.. let just say that ht likes to decorate with human body parts and gets off on fear which makes him the ultimate halloween predator, and that’s kinda his MO, imagine Predator (1987) out at Halloween.. with a bag full of tricks.

This manic midnight chase through the cornfields and running from town to town, it’s pretty easy to realise that we’re a long way from Kansas, but the dark night that brings this looming monster also has it’s saviours, Jazelle (Patricia Belcher) who is the scaredy cat psychic whose attempts to help the kids causes more confusion and comedy than help, but Justin Long really does shines in this film, and had remained in some kind of suspended animation and he hasn’t aged since, but his performance that rollercoasters between comic joyfulness to about to cack my pants with fear as he’s being chased by the Creeper, who is easily one of the most iconic, brilliant and widely loved modern monsters, with various fan clubs and is the primary reason why we’re all so desperate to see Jeepers Creepers 3 – Cathedral.



Rating 7/10

RJeepers Creepers 2 (2003), Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), Mimic (1997), Scarecrow gone wile (2004), The thing that stalks the fields

L – Modern Hollywood Monsters,
A – What is the creeper
5S – Justin Long
Vs – Creeper Vs Mimic
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